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Anyone have a vid of her saying 'moon scented beast'? That sounds like a fake quote lol
Have no video but she did say that to me
Perhaps it’s based on your Arcane level?
I got that line from her with an arcane stat of 40 so that may be it
I also got the line with a arcane of 8
I got the line while using the moonlight sword so maybe that's it, or by killing Ludwig
Can you join the Vilebloods and also have Alfred kill her, or will Alfred be hostile to you because of the covenant you're in?
You can do both
alfred dies after he kills her.
i joined the vilebloods, and let Alfred Kill her, after that a i revive her in the altar, so no problems with me.
is it possible to join the covenant early game?
Not without glitches. If You use the Wolf in the clinic To grab attack You at the Gate that leads To forgotten Forest, You Will pass the Gate and be able To open It. But Even so You Will need To kill logarius at low lvl. Possible, but not easy.
Enemy of the Church, you say? SIGN ME THE ***** UP
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Another heretic for the pyre.
burn the blasphemer
unironically my waifu
How dare you speak such nonsense!
She's my waifu and the vilebloods are a kind of just two,vanish faker!
nah Maria is better
i don't think the chalice is the trigger for the "this chamber was made not for one alone" line? i've gotten it before i ever entered a chalice dungeon.
Could those statues of the her hall connect to German? They are missing the right leg just like him.
Maybe, maybe not. Gehrman's missing leg alludes to information in the Old Hunter Trousers description: the Old Hunters believed that "blood climbs the left leg," so they would double-wrap the leg with two tourniquets, halting the flow of blood. Gehrman's leg either died as a result of reduced blood flow and had to be amputated, or he may have believed so strongly in the superstition that he took it upon himself to remove the leg entirely to prevent even the slightest chance of infection. The statues in the hall either broke, or represent that this mindset dates back even to the time of Cainhurst.
If you kill her and not Alfred does she die permanently? (I know it isn't permanent but in the sence of the game) or does it ave t be Alfred cause I killed Ebriatas, the meme of the cosmos, and now I am tempted to revive her.
Neither one of you can kill her "permanently." Even if you kill her by your own hands, reloading the area will reveal the Queenly Flesh.
Friendzoned even in a game,...don’t know what to feel owo
Souls games keep finding new and creative ways to hurt us.
Let's just move on simp.
Can you still propose with a female character?
Yes, she will say yes