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After collecting both badges, I let Alfred have his fun with the Queen and while he reveled in his pride I stabbed him in the back an painted the Queen's stone assembly with his blood. A fitting gift to the host I thought.
Plus she's trying to get pregnant from blood taken from hunters corpses
Should have checked himself before he wrecked himself
She can ride my chode, if catch my drift
Ahh, you suck dude. Annalise can ride a chode.
Should have checked himself before he wrecked himself
If you're into prehistoric invalid hags, sure.
I dunno why everyone has such a fan hard-on for Annalise, she literally just sits on her decrepit *** and talks ***** even though her rule and legacy are long since illegitimate. Best just keep her in your pocket.
They like being friend zoned.
Queen fifi
And after i kneel again she says something about having two sides and how she's undying. Is it because I already revived her from Alfred?
Nvm, it took a while. :/
Dialogue changes at some point
eating a dreg changes it
It's a bit of a crazy theory but this video goes in depth explaining it:
I was a bit dissapointed with her character and her location. She offers you to be "one" of them, OK, but If Alfred kills her you can revive her and ???????????? Nothing happens, she´s still just sitting and talking the sme things. Nothing like "thanks my darling", or offering to sit next to her at throne. Shame...
Doesn't matter who's queen that liniege is powerless now
***** her. she's a stuck up fallen queen, and she's not even the rightful queen as she can bear no blood child. The true queen is Arianna.
She clearly remembers dying as she hints at being immortal whenever you attack her "if only our life was so easily forfeit" and if the player kills her and revives her she calls them an arrant fool next time you speak to her, clearly remembering you killed her
When you revive her it says that the flesh was sent back in time or something so I assumed she had no idea she died and what not
Right after Alfred kills her, her flesh is still moving on the throne.
She supposed to be immortal or at least close so Alfred just mutilated her she probably just played dead then just started squirming in pain
Wearing the bethroal ring opens up the option of proposal, only to find out your getting dumped.
Oh well the doll might work I guess.
The Queens an ancient hag anyway, if that's your thing.. And she's a *****.
Or you could have your way with her remains on the throne, though Alfred went first which is kind of sick.
if it pleases you.