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Buttborne could've been an ultra epic video game like Lords of the Fallen if Michelle Zachary even tried making it epic in the first place. Too bad he didn't succeed, truly sad :/
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Awesome game. Some parts are easier and others are harder in comparison to the Dark Souls games. Personally, I had to adjust to not having my shield. This game rewards aggressive play styles. I really appreciated the level design and the shortcuts. It reminded me of of Dark Souls. It would have been nice to quick travel from any of the lamps vice having to return to the Hunter's Dream. I would love to see a remaster of this and would gladly pay full price to get a copy.
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Jemand hier der nochmal neu anfangen möchte?
PSN: Souls4Hollow
Essa tabela de vocês estão me ajudando bastante em busca dos bosses
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Looking forward to Lies of P
By Anonymous
bloodborne from wish
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thank you fextra for all your great work in building great gaming sites, we all appreciate you.
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By Anonymous
What a legendary game
By Anonymous
Anyone wanna help me w/ living failure and Maria?
By Anonymous
i felt that when i got pass shadow of yharnam i was severely underlevelled, the best way to sought this out was to use the cum chalice, praise the cum
By Anonymous
If you could handle them you could’ve handled the rest of the game.
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