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Anyone else had this train of thought?
"Elden Ring is FromSoftware's new RPG - find out more on the Elden Ring Wiki" oh those poor souls...
vicar amelia's face sprite is a hag
-unfun facts-
hey im in n+ please help its so hard;)
me after dying with more then 1000000 echos
peguei sua tia
Let Bloodborne be ported to pc already it's 2021 sony you mfs
I hope it never gets a sequel. The game’s story starts and ends within itself and a sequel would never live up to the hype and expectations. Dark Souls 3 is great but it has nothing new to offer other than refined gameplay because it was never meant to exist in the first place and the original Dark Souls was clearly designed to be a standalone but a different team wanted to make a second game and Miyazaki approved. Bloodborne deserves performance updates and everything possible to make the existing game an even better experience but it also deserves to be left as a one off title. It’s also important to note that Miyazaki himself likely wouldn’t direct a sequel which doubles on the possibility that it wouldn’t live up to expectations because another director would have to take on his style without being free to use their own design philosophies. Nobody can be faulted for wanting more of this incredible game but ultimately it’s better off.