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I genuinely want ur guys thoughts. Like is Crash Bandicoot is a souls-like. Dislike if it's not
The only way you can play this game, is with pure str build
yo str is fer dark souls
The game isn’t that good. It’s a chore to play through.
Is the Flamethrower, due to it's higher base damage compared to the rosmarinus, somewhat useful on low Arcane builds (15 to max 25 Arcane) or is it only good on like 25+ Arcane builds?
In my opinion, Flamethrower is for approximately 35 arcane, and Rosmarinus for 60 Arcane. If your stats are too low in Bloodtinge or Arcane, you have other left hand weapons, such as shields, the torch, or why not fist of gratia for strength builds.
Be honest. You did your first/another playthrough of this game during quarantine, didn't you?
Yep! 2 months ago I bought it. At first I regretted buying it since I found it hard, but after it clicked MAN did I love it! I'm at the endgame boss and I'm at the last area in the DLC.