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Oi eu não sei se vou ser o único brasileiro aqui nesta aba de discursão mas queria dizer que apesar de tudo o que estamos passando Covid-19 e mais uma caralhada de problemas particulares somente nosso, eu gostaria de falar que todos nós apesar de estarmos sofrendo mesmo que não seja pela covid mas por alguma outra coisa eu queria dizer, OBRIGADO, serio vocês são fortes e os melhores pelo simples fato de que sobreviveram a está merda, eu sei que esse é uma discursão sobre um jogo que todos nós concordamos que adoramos, mas não desista, sério, não desista, não caia na tentação da falsa luz como o grande Solarie caiu, seja mas forte e continue sério ainda terá muito mais do que sofrer com esse jogos malucos do titio Miasaki, e é exatamente isso que a franquia de jogos do titio Miasaki nos diz, sofra e sofra mas no final consiga vencer de forma gloriosa, então por fim do meu suspiro de força para vocês tomara que eu consiga fazer muitos continuarem em frente, bem é isso, PRAISE THE SUN FOR ALL !!! \o/
the locations are not fun to explore at all and basically have the same atmosphere and the beast bosses are repetetive and easy i enjoyed ds1 far more
Have you completed it yet? The first few areas are deliberately similar in atmosphere because central and old yharnam along with the cathedral ward are all part of the city of yharnam so they needed to have it be consistent but the game changes up quite dramatically later on in more ways than the souls games I’d say. Can’t really defend the bosses because many are just straight up fights as the community bad mouthed gimmick or varied bosses for so many years FromSoft eventually listened and dropped them for the most part. I will admit easily that after 5 years playing these games DS1 has held up the most for me with it’s non warpable world design and adventure.


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did we play the same game ?


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“Beast bosses are repetitive” ok you definitely didn’t get past the Shadows Of Yarnham
Guys he's right. It's all grey in grey. No point in arguing here.
I was bored by DS1R. Perhaps finishing previous DS games before it was mistake but combat in DS1R is far too basic. And parry is the only thing which happens in PvP. I dont attack and wait to parry enemy I win. I attack first enemy parries and he wins.
How did I not cop on to this ... the ps5 releases and Bloodborne receives no performance updates and then the rumours come up. It’s so obvious to me now that the game is getting a remaster for the ps5 like I don’t even take it as a possibility anymore but rather a definite. I’ll probably piss a few off by saying this but a simple 60fps update to the existing game would be preferable, a full on re release would just seem more like a cash grab to me and the games popularity makes it all the more exploitable.
Hope it won't "californized" this time as hard as DeS re. Gascoigne turning out to be a afro chinese in a "bodytype B" would be a blow.
If it was remade it wouldn’t stand a chance of remaining the same in terms of atmosphere and style. DeS remake is beautiful but too many enemies lost their intimidating designs with the fat officials and mind flayers being the biggest examples imo but some other enemies look even better this time like the blue and red eyed knights. I think Bloodborne will be remastered but not remade.
If it gets remake in 60 fps it has to be rebalanced even in 30fps hunting for viscereal attacks is too effective. In 60 fps with no rebalance it will be only strategy in PvP to do nothing and punishing enemy for 1st move.

Imho rebalanced BB remake is an option but BB2 is best choice.
Re balanced pvp would never happen unfortunately because the focus on it was so minimal compared to the souls games. I still wouldn’t want a Bloodborne 2 because it would be done out of fan demand rather than interest on FromSofts part. It would be a really forced sequel with 90% reused concepts like DS3.
My rating for this game would be 1/10.

Because its too high the counter reset.
A hunter must hunt



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Ketchup Souls: Cupcake Edition


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Do I have to get all the endings on one character to get the platinum trophy?
The easiest way is to backup your final save to the cloud, then once your finished with one ending, download your save, and do another ending (rinse & repeat.)