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This enemy appears in both yahar'gul (after blood moon) as well in chalice dungeons.

At yahar'gul it has 864hp and has 16%chance to drop either a beasthunter or a Kinhunter gem. Same drop in dungeons, being the gem lvl dependant on depth.
Weak to elements (not inc. Blood) and slightly less to thrust
These things are suppose to do something special if you make them hit the burning bodies, is that true?



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I saw it on ENB's video about Ya har har (what he calls the place :P). They slowed down, but still hit as hard.
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Neet mini nito
Neet mini nito
I was just watching a let's play of Bloodborne and this exact thing happened, its at 3:35 into the video
I always use the Auger of the cosmos left behind daughter (cannot spell her name) and it really hurts these things. Also the Executioners Glove and Call from Beyond.
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I vote for changing their name to Herse!
... Just me?


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Why Herse? Why not human centipede?
Dodging backwards makes them helpless. If you bait their downward slam then jump back it completely avoids it and leaves them vulnerable. They can't do anything. I actually can't reliably dodge around to their back because of their broad sweeps and pivot attack.
Why are they referred to by two different names on this page? I think EnB said their name is Cramped Casket.
They one-shot me with a single melee attack (slow swing move) on level 50 (30vit), don't even bother fighting them till level 70 or so. Unless you plan to avoid every attack, from two of them while 2 more are shooting at you from the distance.
Found them in a Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon. I was very surprised. 3 of them in the same room.
Is it possible that these creatures are a by product of the snatchers many abductions. Think about it, they have bloody sacks that they carry all the time and a mostly empty prison. I think it is possible that these creatures are a result of all their kills and the red moon bringing them life and in turn killing the kidnappers. all the dead kidnapper bodies I came across were by cramped caskets.
That is a sound theory.
It certainly would make sense that they would take the chance of revenge when the Blood Moon arises, but all that anger have blinded them and they see everyone as responsible for this ghastly fate.
Is there a point to catching them on fire? You can make the bodies go out with them (or by hitting them yourself).
The seem slowed, might be just me, but i'm pretty certain their movement but not attacks radically slows