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By Anonymous
FROMsoft: Lets make a really fun game that is hard but fair and relies on players skills determining their survival rather than gimmicks and impossible difficulty spikes.
Also FROMsoft: Lets make an entire area of every game we make a stupid f***ing gimmick that irritates everyone, and isn't actually fun in any way! IE: Valley of Defilement, Blighttown, The Sewers, THIS, Farron Keep...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Wait, what? This area has no gimmick?
By Anonymous
So im guessing you REALLY dont know how to deal with do realize that unless you just never put any points into hp that it does next to nothing? let it tick you to half, cure it, heal, repeat its not hard at all
By Darknessconsumes
Ok. 2 things: first, Blighttown is not that bad, and is actually a wonderfully designed area. It doesn't deserve the hate, and it doesn't belong with those other***** areas you mentioned. 2nd, to the guy that holds his nose up and goes "you just don't know how to deal with poison " yeah, ***** you. I'm a souls vet and I've beaten all from games up to ng+3 at least. But this area *****ING SUCKS! If you don't come in over-leveled,and don't use guides for the game... This place will as annhiliate you. The poison wouldn't be that bad on it's own, but the frenzy, the ridiculous enemies, and those *****ing rock throwers make this area unbearable. I finally cracked and pulled up this guide to get through this trash area ASAP. Worst area in all of Soulsborne 0/10. And cut your elitist bs, or at least have the balls to reveal your name.
By Anonymous
Looks like the darkness consumed someone a little too much.
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
I agree I don't get how anybody could stand to go through all of the areas multiple times, because there is always something unfairly wrong with every single one of them, except for most of Cathedral Ward and a third of Central Yharnam.
By Anonymous
Why do people have so much gripe with the poison areas? Sure, they can be annoying like Farron keep and Valley of Defilement, but I’ve never felt they were game breaking. Blighttown’s poison won’t even take you five minutes to worry about. And the poison in the Nightmare Frontier is ridiculously easy to deal with compared to the other poison areas.
By Anonymous
OH Blighttown, so many fond memories!
:( barf
By Anonymous
Seriously. They even put one in Elden Ring. Fire the level designer already.
By Anonymous
Personally, the poison in this area is so small the damage is negligible. if you go into the poison swamp (before amygdala) with >2 blood vials you can kill everything and get all the loot, but that amount may change depending on weapon and player skill. The silverbeasts (fire-breathing leech demons) won't spawn leeches if you kill them via fire or visceral attack, but the easiest way is probably just equipping a fire blood gem. The boulder throwers can go impal- I mean, they are surprisingly accurate despite the fact that they're throwing boulders, and pissing off one and then turning your back to it for half a second can result in your untimely demise (Get it? Second? Untimely? Ah... The night and the dream were long...). Winter lanterns should probably be rushed up to and have their skulls imploded as soon as possible (New game, I'm using a Pizza Cutter (Whirligig Saw) +9 with 2 13.5% ATK gems and one 12% ATK, and about 50 STR so I can 3-hit them without frenzy, but bring sedatives just in case), listen for their deep odd humming and get all the loot you can from the wandering madnesses. Side note: Do be careful about dodging it's grab, because that's basically guaranteed to trigger frenzy. Amygdala can be hit with Ludwig's Holy Blade's L2 at practically any time, but definitely deal as much damage when it slams its head down. The last phase is the worse; its reach is longer than 2 streetlamps engaged in lovemaking except that one is having a seizure and the other is driving a tank; but definitely go for the viscerals as they signal the phase changes, and if you can get to the last one you can practically skip the last phase, or at least most definitely aid you a lot. Hilariously enough, don't run immediately to the tower if it's the first time in this playthrough, it can actually squish you.

But yeah, not a great area, but definitely not the worse either. That's reserved for another special nightmare *Cough cough Mensis *Cough *Cough
By Anonymous
Good sir...are you God?
By Anonymous
Yes I am. I am the second coming of Bejebus Christ himself.
By Anonymous
So, besides just pussying out of fighting them and going off the side of the ledge, how the hell do you fight the big, 1000 eye brain things that frenzy you for no reason?
By Anonymous
Two ways - Either use a strength weapon with high stagger along with high frenzy res gear and keep ur distance, or if skill build keep distance and bait grab attack, wait for frenzy to almost build up and then parry at end of grab animation. If u manage to riposte when meter gets full, you'll avoid frenzy damage.
By Anonymous
The one closer to the boss arena patrols the ledge. Peek out an wait for him to turn around to hit him in the back. You only start to frenzy when he has line of sight on you so you should be able to dispatch him without taking a full frenzy meter. I did it at lvl 50 with 6+ weapons
By Anonymous
I was 50 something skill build when i went through using the beast hunter saif and I just dash heavy attacked in the default mode and then 2 normal attacks finished it up before frenzy damage
By Anonymous
They take fire hilariously bad. At around 250-275+ fire based damage which you can get by farming even low tier labrynth's. Get the rune for +200 frenzy bring sedatives dodge grab attack repeatedly kill pop sedative win
By Anonymous
Why don't you say what Carrull Rune is to be found in the swamp? Why even bother writing this walkthrough if you're not going to say what items are there??
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By Sidney_Losstarot
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Maybe you haven't red the first part of the page...
The walkthrough is in the middle of the page
Stunning Deep Sea rune - cross bridge and go up, then fall down.
Fading Lake rune - slightly past where Chime maiden is, climb a narrow cliff.
Clear deep sea rune - 2/3 the way into the swamp, on dry land.
Great Deep Sea - in a long poison swamp river under ground towards the end of the zone
Messenger's Gift - through large cave about halfway through the smaller swamp (the one Patches knocks you into) on the right side. You'll pass a frenzy causing brain trust (a very detailed guide can be found at the end of the playthrough section of this page)
Clockwise Metamorphosis - Cross the bridge towards the spider, enter a cave where you see the rock throwing golem turn around and travel through a tunnel where you will see the rune
Coldblood Flowerbud x4 - 2 in the swamp, 1 on the ledge on spiral path, 1 under Patches
Frenzied Coldblood (9)
Bold Hunter's Mark
Kin Coldblood
Lead Elixir
Madman's Knowledge
Bolt Paper
By Anonymous
If you want to get here early get the tonsil stone are get grabbed by the amigdala. I haven't beat the shadows of yarhnam. Also I am on new game plus. I don't think that changes stuff but who knows
By Anonymous
That’s how I got there, too!
By Anonymous
One question: what the HECK are those giant drumstick-looking things all over the place? Giant hemorrhaged tombstones don't concern me, it's those ritualistic murder mallets that get me goosed.
By Anonymous
How to get past the lake I was pushed into? Is there something I should have, or what because I'm at level 80 , and just got here. Just stock up?
By Anonymous
I've just beaten this at level 69. With enough skill and patinence, you shouldn't have any major problem!
By Anonymous
Just stock up on antidote. Then you should find your way out.
By Anonymous
Through a series of highly unfortunate events, I'm on my first ever play through and got here at level 26. -1/10 do not recommend.
By Anonymous
you manage to get the tonsil stone from forbidden woods and go to the shrouded church at level 26? props to you
By Anonymous
I managed to clear out the place on my first try at like level 20ish the patches bit was annoying though, had to first try amygdala with 3 blood vials
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