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Apparently, according to Gamesport "there is one unlisted stat that makes cruel fate one of the best classes to pick: discovery. As stated above, this stat increases the likelihood of enemy drops. Whereas all the other classes’ discovery starts at 100 or 103, Cruel Fate starts at a whopping 119."

I don't know how on earth they would have such information, but having secret benefits no one can find out seems a little odd? As is, Gamespot says Cruel Fate has a higher drop rate as the other ones.

Can anyone confirm this?
I started Cruel Fate. Discover is controlled by your Arcana stat, so that is why the Cruel Fate's is higher than the other origins.
Players can have a flamethrower after beating Father G. Whoever pick this class will have a wonderful time playing with Fire.
Furthermore, Arcane points do increase Discovery chance. It's good getting some extra Blood Vials and QS Bullets while farming.
Molotov Cocktail's fire damage scales A with Arcane so basically Cruel Fate is a very good class. Average health, stamina, str and ski. 500 Blood Echo from the start is a huge thing.
...and Gems drop, too.