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I finished my first play through recently but unfortunately the build is not very good because they have stats to wield every weapon in the game. I want to create a new efficient build but I'm not sure what to do. My original plan was to get the requirement stats for Ludwig's Holy Blade and then just pour stats into arcane until I had 40. Basically I am wondering If I should do a build focused on hunter tools or a build that can use the hunter tools as well as many strength and arcane weapons. Is it possible to have 30 vit, 30, stamina, 40 str, 12 dex, and 40 arcane before new game +?
Never mind, I just discovered that it would put me at Blood Level 110, which is easily possible in ng.
Cruel Fate starting class with 25 STR, 25 SKL, and 40~50 ARC will let you use basically any non-bloodtinge focused skill weapons and hunter tools. This is actually the ideal template for the Holy Moonlight Sword build @ BL 120 (45 VIT, 20 END)
The only true Str/Arc weapons are the Holy Moonlight Sword and Amygdalan Arm. All others have Arc scaling simply so you can put arcane blood gems in it for scaling magic damage.
it does not matter, I always regret