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Are the Levels accurate? Is there no Lvl1 Origin?
Yes. Gun damage scales with Bloodtinge, similarly to how right-hand weapons scale with strength and skill.
The shield is actually a good defence against arcane attacks. It helped me survive many battles with Rom.
If You Started Off As A Level 1 You'd Be Worse Then A Waste Of Skin You'd Probably Be Just Born Or Ad Least A Younger Generation Of A Hunter......
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Does Bloodtinge actually make your pistol more effective (powerful)?
A gun is way cooler than a shield so it's a much better trade off
I agree. Shield way better than gun spam in my honest opinion. Two hand everything. As to the threaded cane, that thing sucks. As to these *****s in the comments, ***** off wanker cucks.
were the alpha classes removed in a patch or did i just miss something during character creation?
They were for Bloodborne Alpha, they are not in the full game
I created a Michael Jackson character but I don't see any option to make him white? I'm halfway through the game so I assume I just haven't found the correct item yet, but this seems to be a major oversight in the games' design.
no you don't. later in the game you can use multiple different off hands
um does your origin stay affecting your character say i have a lonbe surrvivor at 50 skill is the skill level 50 of professional stronger or no?
You have to seek PALEBLOOD, duh. Only paleblood will make you white.
so you have to use a gun no matter what in it thats kinda lame
um does your origin stay affecting your character say i have a lonbe surrvivor at 50 skill is the skill level 50 of professional stronger or no?
The doll is white, and so is her blood, so this poster speaks the truth !! ^
It does have the option to turn the character's skin to any color
Did you get the "fiery accedent" item first
MJ is dead. The nightmare is over. Go home hunter
HE HE SHAMON!!!!!!!!!
I've been rocking a skl/arc build and just finished NG, currently level 108, but I had put 5 points into str (raising it to 15) so I could use the tonitrus (and I like round numbers, which is why it isn't 12). I'm starting to really miss my threaded cane, though, and was thinking about going back to it, but with threaded cane and BoM, those level in str do pretty much nothing, and was wondering if that was glaring enough that I should reroll. Or should I just level to 125 instead of 120?
if the level up costs are similar to dark souls (which, from what I understand, they should be identical) it's still pretty easy to grind up a few levels at that point, unless you just cleared the game and started over or did something incredibly stupid like selling off all your items/gear
waste of skin math is wrong and it also starts with 10 skill, total points are 64 giving it 10 more points overall at level 10 making it the most viable starter choice
No it's the right amount, i just checked, they start with 54 and at level 4 so when you get to 10 you have 60 like all the others. In no Souls game did "Deprived" style classes get more skill points. They just start with less so you have more freedom to choose the stats. And they start with 9 skill not 10. I think you counted the blood echoes aswell since they start with only 10 of those.
Does the origin change hunter's attributes scales? I mean, if I play as milquetoast or lone survivor, my vitality raises differently or each new level earned brings the same amount of hp?
All states scale the same for all classes.
The only difference is the starting stats.
Military Veteran would be similar to the ‘Warrior’ status in Dark Souls III
So i am new to bloodborne from darksouls. Im unsure of a few things. My first charactor i was thinking would be strenght skill and arcaine. Any suggestions for startinging class and stat allocation?
Personally, i would recommend putting most points into your health, strength or stamina.
I'm guessing you've already made your build, but I'll put my advice in anyway. So if it's your first playthrough ever, for an Strength/Arcane build I'd recommend leveling up Strength first because most arcane weapons and items are later in the game. So focus on Vit, End, and Str first. Also, Arcane scaling on weapons are for all elemental damage, those being fire, bolt, and arcane. You can convert physical damage weapons to elemental damage using blood gems, but with weapons that have natural elemental damage, it will just increase the elemental damage and you'll do split damage. If you want to level arcane early you can farm for elemental blood gems, usually done in the chalice dungeons (there are videos on youtube showing where to get them), in which case you only need to level Strength and Skill to the level required to weild the weapons you want. Or you can get a split damage Strength/Arcane scaling weapon and upgrade both stats. If you want to focus on Arc I'd recommend 25 Str and 50 Arc (more if you want to focus on Hunter Tools).
What did the alpha classes stats and gear look likr. I want to remake one.