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By Anonymous
Guy 1: Three starting weapons... Do you have a favorite?

Guy 2: No. They are tools. For specific tasks. A preference would be meaningless.

Guy 1: I like the Axe.

Guy 2: ... I too like the Axe
By Anonymous
if my homies don't got me, i know hunter axe got me
By Anonymous
Hunter Axe + Guidance rune + Old Hunter Bone + Knight's set = vampire build
By Anonymous
The Hunter Axe is an excellent weapon.

Love that spin attack.

By Anonymous
Absolutely busted +5 and higher with like 30 strength and some good gems. A well timed charged R2 with the two hand version will one or two shot virtually anything you fight before the Blood Moon and wrecks bosses too. Spin to win baby.
By Anonymous
and that axe form r2 smashes heads n limbs like nothing else. pretty insane that this starter weapon has two of the best charged r2 attacks in the game
By Anonymous
What gems are most useful for this? Don't need scaling but want to know If I should give it standard or blunt. Also what attacks are seen as blunt? If they all count as blunt then it's way better because I can just farm for expert gems.
By Anonymous
From cleric beast to moon presence. This bad boy was my closest companion
By Anonymous
This absolutely carried me during my first playthrough as well. If anything, the only downside to it is that it makes every other weapon seem lackluster and underwhelming now
By Anonymous
This weapon is SO DAMN good! Given to you at the start of the game and can easily carry you to the end of it. Not the best stats or scaling, but it has such a great moveset and of course, SPIN TO WIN baby!
By Anonymous
Best weapon in the game
By Anonymous
So true it bears repeating
By Anonymous
Easily the best of the starter weapons in my eyes. This thing single handedly carried me all the way through to the end of the game with great damage (especially for strength builds) and great range thanks to its transformed state turning it into something of a halberd from Dark Souls 1. Add a spin-to-win charge attack on there and now I just feel spoiled.
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