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By Anonymous
Is the running R1 and roll R1 the only 2 moves that do thrust damage instead of blunt damage? They already do pretty bad damage with phys up gems, so I am wondering if this weapon may be better to just use Blunt gems on or maybe 2 blunts and a phys.
By Anonymous
I think those attacks just have a low hit damage multiplier compared to the rest of the moveset, they do not deal thrust damage according to the testing
By Anonymous
This axe actually has some good skill scaling. At 27 strength ans 19 skill, upping my skill gives the same damage increase as strength. Good quality build weapon.
By Anonymous
Another chalice glyph that has the uncanny hunter axe - zwvinccf. Hintertomb root chalice with foetid offering. Will leave it open for a few weeks.
By Anonymous
Lost Hunter Axe & Lost Rifle Spear & Fading Lake Glyph: cpmyucym Current Host (not me): KingGrizzy Axe Location - before the first area; rather short run to get it; Bell ringing ho in the final room in the platform between the staircases Best of luck! Spear Location - Before the first boss (if I remember correctly) Sorry, forgot rune location. ~Beowraith (US PSN)
By Anonymous
Lost Hunter Axe Glyph: cpmyucym Current Host (not me): KingGrizzy Location - before the first area; rather short run to get it; Bell ringing ho in the final room in the platform between the staircases Best of luck!
By Anonymous
I'm noticing some damage variation on the quickstep thrust move on the two-handed mode. There might be two variations on this attack. One where the thrust is right after the quick step and one where you charge forward for a moment before the thrust. The second one is dealing a bit more damage and I don't remember if this game has a sweet spot or counter attack mechanic like DS that might be causing this. Am I just crazy? Can anyone else confirm this? My PS4 doesn't play nice with the internet so I can't get clips myself.
By Anonymous
My weapons of choice for a strength/arcane-build, in addition the Flamesprayer and a couple of Arcane Tools to spread fear amongst my enemies *muahahahahaaaaaa*
By Anonymous
It has the highest health regen of the entire game, and good speed, better than the second and third highest regen weapons.
By Anonymous
About the same; extended form is a little higher. the burial blade's regen is only slight higher than the hunter ax's when both are extanded, in my experience anyways
By Anonymous
I just realized that the jumping attack, backstep attacks, and running attacks for the hunter axe and burial blade in one hand form are identical. these weapons really are rivals.
By Anonymous
Correction, it regains all of my health with three transform hits, given you don't get hit in the process.
By Anonymous
If you use it at the right time, the charged R2 is a great move since it double hits, so even if the opponent player dodges the first, they can still get hit by the second. Just don't do it when the guy can see it coming. Also, I've seen an invader try to spam a burial blade charged R2. So, burial blade users do it as well.
By Anonymous
Minimal*, not marginal.
By Anonymous
oooookay :|
By Anonymous
also, the hunter axe's transform attack, which does the most health regen per hit behind it's charged, is quicker to execute than the burial blade's. Try it. with a +10 axe at 45 Vit, I can get a LOT of my health back in two to three transform hits.
By Anonymous
Also to add, the blade is not that much faster. just saying. only the R1 has a marginal speed difference; the rest of the attacks seem equal in speed.
By Anonymous
Yes, because everyone who uses the weapon should be belittled for have their own choice, unless of course they fight like you. Based on your comment, I'll extrapolate that you like things to be "fair" as far as your definition of the word goes. Another thing; only the worst Axe users try to land the Transformed-Charged R2 constantly(assuming that's why you're belittling the weapon), it's incredibly easy to parry and counter. A good Axe user plays agressively, and attempts to out-trade the opponent to death, given it's absurd regain amount.
By Anonymous
I call it the "Baby Axe." For babies, obviously.
By Anonymous
The speed is basically the same for both weapons
By Anonymous
The regain on the axe stays the same in both forms though, and the burial blade only has its absurd regain in scythe mode.
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By lacard
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A great mix up weapon for PvP. It's very easy to fake out your opponent using the transformation attacks. Make them think they got your from behind and then you can aim your transformation attack anywhere you want. Even if you get hit, the high regain will make up for a lot of that. I will often go for a regular R1 attack, and if they dodge behind me, transform attack in their direction. Usually they are trying to attack you and the transformation attack is often quicker.
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By EldritchImagination
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Mix it with a lead elixer and you have an unstoppable war machine.
By Anonymous
i dont know how to noscope with this weapon
By Anonymous
Chalice Glyph: xt9jt7xm Ailing Loran Root Chalice with Rotted Offering (Inflicted Organ x5) Found on Layer One.
By Anonymous
Glad this was kept open. I just recently got back into Bloodborne and I've grown tired of Burial Blade and Blades of Mercy so I'm +10ing everything. Because I hate myself and why not
By Anonymous
(OP) Will keep open for a week, longer if it gets popular.
By Anonymous
Thank you.
By Anonymous
The glyph for the loran root chalice containing the lost hunter axe above is no longer active.
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