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no proper link for eye rune?
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Kill master Willem in Byrgenwerth.
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German speaking user :Kommentar is german or is it unintentional
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yup np. srry for the messiness. i dont add much to the wiki often
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this is probably just a glitch with my game, but I killed two gargoyles and they still appear to be breathing, along with gnashing their teeth and blinking. anyone else see this?
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By MrE2Me
I didn't notice it at first, but you're right! It's creepy as hell, especially the blinking white eyes. It doesn't happen with every gargoyle, though. I did a little testing and it only seems to happen with the gargoyles that fall on their backs and flail around after you hit them. I'm guessing it's a glitch where the same animation from the flailing remains after they're killed.
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By Agurzil
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They also drop nourishing gems in chalice dungeons. I've found some radials in pthumerian dungeons, but haven't found any in other dungeons yet, so I don't know if they also drop triangular/waning.
By Anonymous
I've never even seen one of these in a chalice dungeon.
By Anonymous
What glyph?
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I think they are vampires not gragoyles....they drink your blood and have that bat like sound attack...
By Anonymous
Vampire I think the hunter could called vampire They heal with blood and get stronger through blood. You hunt at night. I think there are more evidence and its just a theory
By Anonymous
From what I'm gathering from the lore, The Vilebloods are for lack of a better word "Vampires". Just like beasts are "Werewolves". Then again gargoyles and vampires are pretty similar monsters so it's not really a big deal either way.
By Anonymous
nvm i confirmed it just added it to the page
By Cpt_Jack67
I disagree. Their main tactic is to stand stock-still on the walls of the castle and come to life as you approach. Their skin is the color of stone. It's a castle, for goodness' sake, wouldn't gargoyles make sense? If FromSoft was going to put vampires in their blood-themed game, is this what they would look like?
By Anonymous
Be wary of being too far from them. They'll scream, sending some soundwave thing at you that can kill if you have under 370hp
By Anonymous
can someone confirm the chunks. if so this will be the best place to farm them at low levels
By Anonymous
I think they drop chunck as well, but rare chance
By Anonymous
Can’t help but wonder if Anon has eaten 3 one third umbilical cords to find out the true nature of the Hunter yet… I originally thought the hunters were vampires, too. But no, the Vilenloods are the closest thing to a vampire in the game's
By Anonymous
The article says these enemies are not beast nor kin, but they have the same weaknesses the Kin do. They are weak to bolt, Thrust. The LHB in normal mode wrecks these baldy chunk dropping old buggers.
By Anonymous
They are(and almost everything in cainhurst) is related to pthumerians. And the pthumerians used the old blood, even more than yharnamites.
By Anonymous
They more closely resemble strigoi than gargoyles.
Anyway what everyone neglects to mention with farming Blood Stone Chunks at Cainhurst is that you need a high Discovery stat for them to drop. High arcane build and Willem's Eye rune does the trick.
Tying drop rates to a stat that's pretty useless in battle was a bad design choice. Oh, well. Just farm the lecture theater for a while.
By Anonymous
Arcane's not useless in battle. That's what raises Discovery. You could say Discovery is useless in battle, but you don't level up Discovery exclusively on its own. It goes up with Arcane, which is immensely useful in battle.
By Anonymous
Arcane is what powers up weapon buffs and elemental damage on your weapons, plus some of the best weapons have prominent Arcane scaling. It also makes it possible for Strength users to utilize Skill weapons and vice versa by infusing weapons with elemental blood gems, as this will add significant Arcane scaling to an otherwise physical weapon that they wouldn't normally be able to use effectively. I'd argue Bloodtinge is more "useless," but that's only because I reserve my firearms specifically for parrying and not attacking, and I don't really like to use Bloodtinge-focused weapons like the Chikage or Bloodletter. If you haven't been leveling up your Arcane stat, you're going to want to save those Adept and Heavy blood gems to compensate for the lack of species-exploiting elemental buffs...
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Somehow on my first run through Ihyll to Yharnam I never noticed the Gargoyles on the ceiling... creeped me out when I noticed them on a recent run
By Anonymous
holy hell, that face. i never noticed that much detail when playing. they always seemed nosferatu-style bald guys to me. they actually have beards!
By Anonymous
You were probably too busy trying not to die to notice. Creepy buggers........
By Anonymous
Drop rate of chunks is about 1-2% my discovery is 173 it took 40 gargoyles to get my first.
By Anonymous
Seriously have t raise that discovery bro. Mine is about 362 and I get one chunk per run of Cainhurst Castle. 173 is not gonna cut it lol