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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

None of these include the new dlc weapons. I would like a way to calculate the HMS AR
Here's a link to download the second spreadsheet.
i type the numbers but nothing happens. Yesterday it was worling just fine. It is not my laptop since my friend cannot use too.
It's not working at all for me either, which is a bummer because it's the only Bloodborne calculator on the web.......
Not sure what to do with this page, I can only look at this set sheet.. not gem and calculate which weapon has the best dps with certain gems and upgrade levels? Is this just a bug because I'm on the iPad or is it working as intended?
I was hoping to find how many points you gain at each rank of scaling (from D to S) per point you stick into the respective stat.
Falcon punch?
Yes I would love to calculate my AR scaling for the Kos parasite as well and for the HMS as well to see if its worth it
I used lots of tools for calculating Weapon AR. Kirkhammer have A scaling with STR, Whirligig Saw have S scaling. However, STR bonus always is higher in Kirkhammer. How is it even possible? With 40STR/40SKL, kirk get 149 from STR (A scaling) and 43 from SKL (E scaling). Whirligig get 148 from STR (S scaling) and 40 from SKL (D scaling) ... Why are smaller numbers with better scaling??
The base damage of the Kirkhammer is very high. Bonus damage from abilities is percentage-based and heavily impacted by the base damage of a weapon. That the Whirligig even gets CLOSE to the total AR of the Kirkhammer is great and gives you a good impression of the relationship between those two stats. Both weapons also have great attack modifiers in both modes, but their move sets and damage types differ enough to let them shine in different situations.
any one know how to get rid of the annoying fextra pop up that makes this spreadsheet unusable
can you download this excel sheet?