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I can only buy the chest and the leg armour for it what's wrong?
because the prices are to ***** high!!!!!
because the prices are to ***** high!!!!!
because the prices are to ***** high!!!!!
sorry clicked post to many times
sabatons aren't even supposed to be worn off of horseback, especially if you want to be agile (like a hunter). they should have just had a nice set of black knee-high boots with some metal plates added
I personally like the sabatons. I think they're fairly fitting, as these are royal knights as opposed to hunters, and judging from the presence of both horses and statues of knights on horses at Cainhurst Castle and in the Queen's throne room, it's highly likely that they were worn on horseback.
In a game where formless Old Ones impregnate women during a certain moonphase and a beast curse had taken over I find it highly unlikely that this games sellpoint was realism
I know some harnischtfechten guys that would like to have a word with you.
I have to say that this armor has quite the resemblance to the Alonne Knight set, Alonne Captain set, and the Sir Alonne set, especially the face mask. Of course with the Chikage then i think its a nice nod to Sir Alonne, even if he would have never approved of the Vilebloods
It does, sort of. Although there's also a resemblance to the Berserker Armour from Berserk, which is the more likely of the two resemblances that was intended, since the Souls games borrow from Berserk alot.
Is this armour usable in pve i bought it because i like how it look and good physical def. but i thing i will get rect when i meet bos Who deals elementar arcane or blunt demage
It depends on the situation. If your fighting brick trolls, prob not the best choice, but its a solid choice as most attacks are physical. Solid choice against most hostile npc hunters as weapons like saw cleaver, threaded cane, henryks saw spear...etc primarily deal physical and blood(guns). Lets also not forget that the game is heavily dodge oriented. Even if defence is low, as long as you dodge you will be fine.
It's more of a fashion statement as you get better, or as you "git gud"
Looks AWESOME!!!
^wouldn't be surprised. Miyasaki has used berserk as inspiration for the souls series. For example the wheel skeletons were just shamelessly lifted from the manga. Not that its a bad thing, afterall berserks an excellent source for dark fantasy.
This seems inspired by Griffith's armor from Berserk. Could be why they included the silver hair with the helmet.
Yeah the hair is annoying me, I really wish the helmet was plain.
Hate the helmet. I wear a top hat with it.
There's also the chance they made it resemble the Berserker Armour. I mean, look at the torn cape.
Your mom is my go-to source for dark fantasy, she's a filthy moo.
Whoops, sorry this was me ^
on mobile ***** me right
looks like it gives your character a mullet.
"...This paper-thin silver armor is said to deflect blood of ill-intent, and is what allows the royal guards to capture prey for their beloved Queen, so that one day, she may bear a Child of Blood." Any significance to the vileblood covenant? Description seems to imply the armor is what allows the collection of prey, whatever that means.
i like the helmet.
I was able to buy this from the messengers for echoes, presumably after I joined the covenant.
helmet and chest piece is meh to me, but the gloves and maybe the boots look nice mixed with other sets.
Any significance to the vilebloods? Description seems to imply this is what allows you to collect prey, whatever that means.
blood dregs = sperm

your goal is to impregnate the vileblood queen with blood sperm that she can bear offspring.

look at the icon for blood dregs. it's clearly sperm.
maybe the vilebloods captured prey alive and brought them back to cainhurst, or maybe they lured prey to cainhurst where they would then be captured by royal guards.
Obviously has significance to the vilebloods.. lol. You get the badge that allows you to purchase this set when you join the vilebloods.
It's often hunters that drop blood dregs and as the armor is very bullet resistant, as bullets deal blood damage, this means its sort of an anti hunter armor in a way. Lets not forget the high physical defence, as most hunters would cut up beasts with slashing attacks. Back in the day with Ludwig making hunters of normal citizens(Yharnam hunter attire info) many of these newer and prob weaker hunters could had been murdered by vilebloods and sacrificed to their queen. This eventually lead to logarius smashing the hell out of all the vilebloods.
It lets u feast on *** at pvp and that's how you get blood sprms 4 queen
The Yahar'gul Black Trousers have the same Melee Def but with higher blunt (+20) Slow poison, Frenzy and Beast hood. The Cainhurst beats them in blood and Rapid poison.
so i sold this thinking i could buy it again later, yet it was a one time buy set. Can i buy it again in ng+?
New game plus.
What is ' ng ' ?
What is ' ng ' ?
What is ' ng ' ?
What is ' ng ' ?
Should this be changed? Because the Harrowed Set now has the highest defense, at 310 total, thanks to the boots having 70 PDEF.