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By Anonymous
Slashed it a few times with the stake driver until hes bro came down to help then just threw molotovs and cannon balls at them ez
By Anonymous
Everyone complains about Ludwig and Kos, those two were fun, these things on the other hand are bull sh-
By Anonymous
A double charged R2 combo from the HMS will stun lock these guys.
By Anonymous
Actually one of the only few enemies that I actually feel like they are supposed to be skipped. Like some other people already commented, it's just not an enjoyable enemy to fight.
By Anonymous
Just noticed they do the same crawl attack as the Crawlers in Nightmare Frontier
By Anonymous
nah man its megalodaunt
-deepwoken player
By Anonymous
°Give up

By Anonymous
I just barely took down the rakuyo fishmen first try without bone blades using the augur of ebrietas, i would recommend it if you're good at dodging
By Anonymous
Strat: Parry slashes, dodge the kick and m1 1-3 times.
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they were very scary, i almost cry when i was running away from it, would not recommend fighting, unless u want that funny sword
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