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By Anonymous
I'm less interested in their difficulty than how much I'm interested in their design. These ones are probably my favourite enemy just for the reason that they are actually scary. Imagine seeing this thing throwing yourself at you. Plus the fact that it actually eats you whole if their grab attack kills you it's brutal
By Anonymous
Charging "slide attack" is very easy to parry. Bait giant to do the move by staying out of range.
At 50% health stab anchor giant with shaman bone and then watch him kill his friend. Quite thrilling.
By Anonymous
You thought the frozen reindeers in ds2 were bad? Try these mfs.
By Anonymous
I can no-hit these guys Just parry their slashes hit them 2 times then perfect dodge their kick hit them 3 times Dont run away as they will use the thousand needles move
By Anonymous
just parry block dodge lol
By Anonymous
Ok theres a good strat to beat it without cheese, basically you can parry his slashes, then whenever you see him about to kick, roll. then repeat. The sharko should be dead after a while depending if you have LHT, Med or HVY weapon, you can use ice mantras they are useful
By Anonymous
Give up.

By Anonymous
The Runebear of Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
These are way worse
By Anonymous
The easy way tho fight the two sharks is to trow a shaman bone blade and they fight each other
By Anonymous
The best way to beat these guys is to not, instead you should run away heroicly
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