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The Ashen Hunter set doesn't unlock if your peaceful with Gyula. You have to kill him before it pops up in the Insight shop. The Bone Ash set is from killing a NPC hunter in a Chalice dungeon.
actually you get the madmens set for beating the forgotten madman in hintertomb
What about the other merchant behind the workshop? How do you get it to appear?
It appears as soon as you have found one design/hat
Thats no merchant thats just for the messengers design. Preorder stuff for example or red bandages you can find ... somewhere
it's spelled djura
What was the point of this? It's really frustrating. Had I known, I would have just stockpiled everything when it was dirt cheap.



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They go up by your leveling, it seems. I'll confirm whether it is Moon Phases that affect it
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yes, I would like to know what makes the prices go up also,
The reason the prices go up is due to inflation in Yharman, yep the economy isn't doing too well I'm afraid.
"Beasts all over the shop" - no wonder there's inflation!
You get the Madman set (unlisted here) By killing the Bloodletting Beast in a Chalice Dungeon
Insight merchant is out side the work shops middle forcibly unlocks at 10 insight or higher if you spend yourself under 10 and leave it will disappear so buy all you want before you leave
Where's the Insight Merchant?


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You get the Madman Set by killing the Madman and Madman's Escort.
Tomb Prospector set is unlocked for purchase when you get the Radiant sword badge, not chalice dungeon for first time.
You get the bone ash set by killing the keeper of lost lords in the chalice dungeon as well
thank you i did not know that
bone ash can be sold after getting so far in chalice dungeons, you do not need to kill gehrman
Minor inconsistency on the bells: Tested over a few characters, the Small Resonant/Sinister Bells don't have an Insight requirement, as soon as you have any Insight and the Doll and the Insight shop are active you can get them, which is handy for early game co-op against Cleric and Gascoigne.
Yeah, but doing any coop before papa guac breaks Eileen's questline.
Ashen hunter set, dropped by.. G- what? oh no.. his name is not Gyula.. the name of the hunter who gives you the Ashen set, is Djura.. please fix it
Bone Ash set appear before defeating Gehrman. I think it appear when you defeat the witch in the Central Pthumurus Chalice labyrinth.
you can buy ritual blood (5) and tomb mold (5) from the bath messengers late in the game as well, i think after mergo
Incorrect never does it happen after the latest patch!
you forgot about trusty patches!
Ha ha nice joke (not really). He doesn't sell anything in this game!
He has a very low chance to appear in Chalice Dungeons as a merchant.