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By Anonymous
Main reason why I have 99 bloodtinge and a +10 Evilin is this ****ing-ass dungeon. The Phtumerian-class dungeons for platinum were bad ideas.
By Anonymous
Someby unshackle me, this chalice is suffering, i was welcomed by getting 1 shotted by a trash mob with a single fireball. Like why make a challange invalidate your entire leveling of vigor?! Oh also my build was so strong i killed Orphan before phase transition today, and still couldn't kill watchdog before he one shots me with AoE phase transform.
By Anonymous
I am cool with a challenge, but this is ridiculous. I spent so many hours leveling up my character, the least they can do it let me continue through this dungeon with the stats I earned. Since when does making the game harder consist of leveling down my character STATS? Karen out!
By Anonymous
Somebody please save me from this chalice
By Anonymous
Its 2023, idek how long after the games release. Ive just finished this dungeon

Ive been at it for 2 whole days

I understand if someone wants to spike the difficult so high but to have a defiled chalice enroute to getting the final chalice is ****ing absurd, there was no reason for this.

All the bosses in this dungeon are arse. Not because of the damage increase, but because of the arenas. There is just no ****ing space to beat them. I beat the the keeper fairly, I almost beat the watchdog fairly but its dash was its own demise. It was at 20% hp, it dashed so hard into a wall it ****ing broke its own ai (imagine it hit its head to hard lmao). I was so mad that I couldnt beat him fairly.

It took me 4 whole hours worth of attempts to beat amygdala. Orphan of Kos took me 15 tries and I dont mind, it was a way better fight because atleast I had space to move, Im not bad at dodging at all, but if you give me no space to dodge, and then no health to tank either, the **** do you expect me to do.

I came up with a new strat just to beat this ****er because no amount of ideas online helped me

Eat Pellets and smack its tail. The ****ER JUST DOESNT MOVE. Sometimes he will jump, but then just stand in place, dont even aim for its head, and go back to the tail. If he does the backwards swipe where you're standing, move away and come back. the blood pellets do wonders.
By Anonymous
It’s 2023 and dude just figured out the amygdala jump cheese.
By Anonymous
why are dogs in all souls games so so bad? like theyre so annoying, if someone handed me a drink in this chalice i would assume it to be poison
By Anonymous
Dogs in souls games are designed to be annoying; otherwise most people would feel bad having to kill them.
By Anonymous
this dungeon is such garbage i dont see how running in circles around amygdala for 5 min to just die because of genuinely horrendous hitboxes every fight makes this fun or interesting at all
By Anonymous
haha executioners gauntlets go brrrrrrr
By Anonymous
Just practice the keeper and the watchdog on the depth 1 and 2 chalices. You can basically learn their movesets risk free.
By Anonymous
I dislike the chalice dungeons as a whole, but I utterly despise this loathsome pile of scrapped code that somehow became a functioning part of an actual game. Having every enemy kill you in one hit is the kind of difficulty that a twelve year old would come up with. It doesn't provide anything resembling an interesting or fun challenge; it's just tedious and frustrating. I beat this several years ago and somehow forgot just how utterly awful it is until I tried doing it again (it's probably lazier and more poorly implemented than anything in any other Soulsborne game and I'm including the Bed of Chaos and the worst parts of Dark Souls 2). At least I learned that if you stand under Amygdala's taint, it can't hurt you and you can deal full damage by using overhead swings with a long enough weapon.
By Anonymous
Vigor check failed
By Anonymous
Sounds like you need more practice. This dungeon really isn't bad at all. Toughest for we was the Watchdog. Took about 5 runs
By Anonymous
I started playing Bloodborne late last year for the first time. Since then, I have been whittling away at the chalice dungeons. I just completed the defiled dungeon, and definitely agree that the second and third bosses were challenging. Took about 1.5 hours to beat the Watchdog, and about 2 hours to beat Amygdala. I guess I was able to diagnose a solution for the Keeper easier, as I only had to try that fight 6 times.
By Anonymous
I see everyone hating on this dungeon and I get it. The only problem was making this required for achievements. Honestly, I have the most fun in cursed and defiled dungeons. You can’t just just rush bosses with an over-leveled character. You have to play flawlessly or you lose. Great way to truly learn boss movesets.
By Anonymous
My only beef was having Amygdala as a boss in it.
By Anonymous
That's fair. Personally, I don't find it fun to have to perform a fight flawlessly unless it's against a boss I really like (which is the case for any of the defiled chalice bosses). This is also one of the reasons I don't find NG+ and above to be particularly fun. At least it didn't have a blood starved beast.
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