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I'm actually having trouble with the layer 1 boss for the first time as my visa attacks do nothing! Any advice guys?
Honestly level up some unless you're really confident in all of your abilities. I'm at level 137 playing with a friend and it's taken us 2 hours to get to layer 3. With many deaths and blood echos lost. It's just a really tough dungeon. But if you wanna keep on trying parry a lot, the moves are kinda obvious and it's pretty easy to predict. That's how we eventually did it.
^beast roar and a saw clever makes first boss take 3min to kill easy as that.
Hi, I need some help getting through these two layers. I made it past the keeper with a cheese tactic and now there are these screaming axe guys that are crazy fast and hurt pretty bad. PSN: HumanityIsPlague

I'll help you, if you help me too get past these layers. just send me a pm. PSN: Pureage1337
nvm, got it done :D use the jumpping strat on amy
Same here. Please help.. she always kills me with her stupid jump -.- KeZune89 is my psn
I need a experienced player to give me some assistance with this bum, BL115 here i got him to 20% with the bowblade and t-cane. PSN: Gerry717 any help will be appreciated. thanks.
18:00 - 20:30 CET
I can help you. BL~180. PSN: espequer. Add me to friends list. I will be available today around between 18:00 - 20:30. Later on I am gonna watch Euro2016 :)
Hi I need an experienced player for Amygdala too. I just get her to 25% with several tactics... PSN: HAJOVE
Thank you.
Anyone want to help me?? I get one shot alone T_T
does anyone need help???
does anyone need help??
does anyone need help???
does anyone need help???
does anyone need help???
I posted all this by mistake really sorry. ;)
If you don't believe me equip beast roar and a saw cleaver get him into a corner and the rest explains it self.
Need Help on layer 1 psn: Danes00Z
Hey Guys!
Im lookong for help at first layer boss.
Psn: TKisely
What I did to defeat the watchdog was Id get near it then back off when it tries to bite then I run to its legs and hack and slash till he died
Ok, I have beaten this f%#ker on the first layer. Right now heading for Watchdoge. Hallo? Anyone?
also playing layer 1 right now, still need help? Maybe try together. My psn: espequer
I can help I'm all maxed out
I can help I'm all maxed out
TKisely, I have added you to a friend list. When do you gonna play? I am available every evening. My id: espequer
need help with this boss... PSN: Royal_Blood92
spend about 200 bllod vials already -.-
Get a cannon and it's a easier fight cannon with Evelyn and bone marrow ash