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Is there even a way to throw these kind of far? Seems like they only throw a little distance
Yeah, the fact that you can't throw them any more than a couple feet makes them pretty useless and practically the same thing as the Delayed Moltov. I was hoping they would fix the range of at least the regular ones with a patch, but alas they did not. Disappointing that the only new consumable is so utterly useless.
I was wondering the same thing. The enemies in the dlc throw them like regular molotovs but then I can only throw it a foot infront of me
You can make them go a little bit further by aiming as high as you can go with monocular then throwing it, but that's about I think.
I guess maybe the idea is to throw them in front of you and try to lead a pursuing foe into it as it explodes.
Useful for some situations. Helped out a bit for cheesing those damn Well Sharks