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By Anonymous
Why do people stop at level 120, is there any problem in trying to keep improving all your stats for example to the soft cap? Diminishing returns? Limit? Pardon my ignorance.
By Anonymous
There's a few reasons. You can only play online with people within your level range, and 120-125 is the generally agreed upon stop point in Soulsborne games. Not as many people go beyond that, and it will get harder to find other players. The reason 120 is agreed on is you are strong enough to do all the endgame content while still needing to use a "build". If you are level 200 you hit the softcaps in every stat and that's no longer considered a build.
By Anonymous
At 120, most builds will either focus on a 50 point attack stat or a weaker mix of multiple stats.
By Anonymous
Unofficial community agreement level cap for pvp.
By Anonymous
If you have no friends and want total strangers mercy to help you better stay under 130 . Me and my friend around 300 and we summon each other.
By Anonymous
Why is it that the r0 Ludwig's Holy Blade and Saw Spear, despite both having a D rank attribute bonus for Skill and Strength, have differing proportions of bonus damage? Like mine are 80% and 64% of the base damages respectively. I've seen that there are values for attribute bonus increases on blood gems, could it be that there's that big of a difference even in the same attribute bonus rank?
By Anonymous
The ranking is mostly an estimated value. Each weapons though they may have same ranking in an attribute, their value per point differs per weapon.
By Anonymous
Can you change stats like in dks 3? My str/bt build needs more health but I put my stats into strength and bloodtinge and I only have 15 in vitality
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By bolalar
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nope, no redos. best you can do is use clockwise metamorphosis caryll runes until you get a few levels into vit
By Anonymous
Under Offensive Stats, the stat description is out-of-sync with the stat header
By Anonymous
Why does it say that Rapid Poison is similar to Bleed in Dark Souls 1? Rapid Poison is equivalent to Toxic and Bleed is similar to Frenzy. Makes me think the person who wrote only played Dark Souls 2. Which works differently to this, DS 1 and DS 3
By Anonymous
If you don't like facts, feel free to edit the page with your lies. Unless of course, you're not a cretin.
By Anonymous
Because rapid poison takes a large portion of health all at once, just like bleed. Toxic does not do this, it rapidly drains your health for a period of time. Makes me think you haven't played any dark souls game.
By Anonymous
Op has smooth brain, Toxic is rapid tic high damage poison. There's nothing like that in bloosborne. Fast Posion=Bleed these are facts.
By Anonymous
I just got the game yesterday and i sold my hunter axe for a kirkhammer and i really dont like it so how do imget my hunter axe back
By Anonymous
I believe you can buy it from the messenger shop in the hunters dream.
By Anonymous
Somewhere in the first area, in a sewer looking place, there will be a big, boat looking monster. Next to it will be a key item that increases the stuff in the shop. I think that unlocks the basic equipment. If that’s not enough, beat the first boss.
By Anonymous
beat the boar in the central yharnam sewers and collect the saw hunter badge near it.the hunters axe can be bought from messengers afte tht a
By Anonymous
Once you reach the Great Bridge, you'll see 2 Scourge Beasts to your right - continue straight past them to the area overlooking the main street in Central Yarnham. Take a left through the barrels and you'll fall into the aqueduct. Continue down there until you've killed the Large Huntsman that guards the hunter armour, and drop down. Take a left past the crawling creatures until you get to the end of the Aqueduct - there'll be a tunnel with a ladder to the right. Sprint down the tunnel so you don't die to the pig's charge attack, and the saw hunter badge will be available to pick up. Once you have that, all the starter weapons and the saw spear will be available from the messenger fountain.
By Anonymous
You can get stamina over 40 endurance just very little like 1 every 5-6 levels
By Anonymous
Yeah, not worth it
By Anonymous
Unless you are at level 250 it is not worth it.
Given that meta is 150 or 120 (players have different opinions and its hard to determine which is more popular [ask 120 fans they will tell you they are majority. ask 150 fans they will tell you they are majority]).
Aha ill be dirty and Ill tell you that it should be around 144 when defence improvements slow down dramatically).
By Anonymous
Does anybody know what the soft caps are in this game? Kinda like there is soft caps and hard caps in DS Trilogy, I'm just wondering because I'm doing like a Warrior and Pyromancer build in DS Trilogy with magic because most bosses are immune to fire in DS Trilogy. So if anybody can help me out here started the game again after taking a break from DS Trilogy if there is Soft caps would be greatful and thank you. I am a rookie at bloodborne so just curious I know triangle is to heal unlike in DS Trilogy it doesnt heal so any thoughts on Soft Caps or even Hard Caps in Bloodborne?
By Anonymous
The soft and hard caps are all listed above in each individual stat description. I made the same mistake too at first, expecting the same layout as the DS wiki.
By Anonymous
Why was beasthood listed as a defensive stat by the game developers?
By Anonymous
My only thought would be because higher beasthood will result in the player receiving more damage the higher their beasthood gauge is.
By Anonymous
because it either increases or decreases the damage you take based on how high or low it is respectively
By Anonymous
because there is no place to a defensive and attack status in the same time on the screen
By Piece-kun
Charged blunt attacks ignore defence.
By Anonymous
No. Charged attacks have higher damage multipliers, especially on big weapons, stake driver, and boom hammer. When your AR is 3 or 4x something's RES, their resistance does very little damage reduction.
By Anonymous
And enemies with little blunt resistance (usually heavily armoured foes) will get destroyed by blunt attacks, same with enemies with little thrust resistance (kin/aliens)
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