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Hi Guys, has anyone figured out how the "Physical", "Blunt" and "Thrust" work? Are they additive?
Would the BoM be an exception to the rule that raising arcane stats would increase effectiveness? It has its own arcane ATK unlike other weapons which just have scaling.
Oh never mind I found the answer under Physical ATK
I'm seeing diminishing returns at 16 across the board. Is this correct? Only ups everything by one if I invest in any stay past 11-16
Hello all! I have a question about weapons scaling. I want to build a class for the bowblade. It is the only weapon to have two S scalings. If Iax out my dex and bloodtinge, would it stack the two skills together? Or would it choose the state with the highest point?
^Agree with above.
You can also try the Chikage (+10), where bloodtinge and skill are combined. When you scale up bloodtinge you also increase the melee and vice versa.
Actually with Simon's Bowblade, the two scalings are separate. As in blade is Skill and Bow form gains the Bloodtinge
Yeah I'm actually curious what weapon scaling means too!
Add, that is for gems... sorry, not the actually stats.
So basically you with a high bloodtinge and skill you'll have not only a good melee weapon but also range weapon.
Sorry for the typo. I'm writing on my phone.
I have tested and stamina doesn't go up to 170 at LVL 99. Don't waste your time.
Why would u test that?
in previous soul games when it came to defence you could never truly waste an attribute point. for example if you would invest in faith you gained lightning resistance but if instead you invested intellect you gained magic resistance. can arcane affect your overall elemental resistance or frenzy in any way?
All stats will increase defence, but endurance raises it the most, since it increases poison and frenzy resistance as well.
Endurance also increases resistance to poison I believe
Endurance also increases resistance to poison I believe
also is defence completely governed by vitaliy and endurance?
Speaking stat wise, physical defense levels with your level, no matter what you invest in. Vitality obviously makes you stronger defense wise. Arcane ONLY affects Bolt, Fire, and Arcane based weapons like the logarius wheel and Burial Blade. Runes, however, can seriously boost your defense. I have the great lake rune which decrease all damage by 4%. You can waste attribute points in this one. Spend them carefully for the build you want
I've noticed that the more strength you have the more you erode the poise of enemies. I tested this a bit on the executioner. My high strength builds are able to easily break their axe guard with a single strike, compared to my skill builds that take about three.
It's probably just the weapons you're using or the amount of damage you're dealing
This is coming from a guy that's playing for the first time, is it alright if I balance all skill attributes to lvl 20? It might not be a bright Idea but I am suggesting it so that I can use a certain amount of weapons to see how they work.
But is it nessesary to wield all weapons? I have low skill stat and I want to try out the Kirkhammer, or how I might need to wield the repeating pistol due to low bloodtinge
It ashame that I won't be able to hold all types of weaponry and firearms though.
I disagree, after playing for a while. Each stat gives your character something vital. Arcane gives you "discovery" as well as other types of damage. Skill, strength, vitality, and endurance are important regardless of the build, and leveling up blood ATK can mean the difference between success and failure in a difficult boss battle. Leveling up all stats creates a well rounded character that is versatile enough to handle any enemy or boss, merely by having strength and arcane weapons on hand. Provided, of course, that you have the patience and dedication to take the time and farm blood echoes.
You may end up regretting the levels you've spent on unused stats. If you put Arcane up to 20 just for the sake of it, but then play through the game using only your Axe and Pistol, for example, you'll wish you had put those points in something else. That said, you'll be able to get through the game just fine doing that. It isn't THAT hard.
But the game has everything and I want to use everything..I made all my stats 45 and I walk through the game with a maxed whatever I want and blast bosses, surprise enemy's with a basic outfit and blast them with a call beyond. Or do 1000 dmg with a bow shot :)
Look to the weapons page and see which weapons and guns you think you will use. That will give you a good idea on how to go about your leveling.
I am really a noob with souls game. So the same as the guy above, I have maxed cap all stats. Actually, I have 60 STR, 60 Vit, 55 Arc, and boy I am still getting rekt in chalice dungeons. Though, despite all that, I don't die as much like I had with my first character (Spending a freakin day trying to get past the werewolf bonfire in yharnam). Now I farm bosses for gems and echoes with not so much effort. :D



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If you'd like to wield all weapons, make a mostly STR/ARC build, with 30 Strength, 14 Skill, 18 Bloodtinge, and 40 Arcane, to be specific. It's not a very optimized build, though you will do well for yourself with the Logarius' Wheel and Tonitrus.

I did this myself, actually. It'll help you figure out which movesets you like more or less, but don't worry too much about damage values or stats, as being comfortable with a weapon makes much more difference in this game.
Not really. For most weapons, the highest stats you'll need will be at about 11-12 for strength and/or skill. Remember, you'll probably find that you will only be using a few weapons and items in the long run, so just as the other guy said, you'll probably regret the unused points. I did when I lvled my arcane to 27 and found out that I only need 15 for all of the arcane items that I use. Everything else was worthless to me.
Guys, I need help with offensive stats. I have both STR and SKILL 50, what next I should putting in?

Blood sounds great, extra damage from sidearm + marrow ash bone is always great but I wonder how Arcane doing compared to Blood. I have Ludwig Blade +10, Burial Blade +9, Hunter pistol +9, Repeating pistol +9, Cannon +9, Elevyn +9 atm. Thing is Burial Blade need arcane upped to do more effective atk but blood should do well with gun damage too.

I can't really decide which I should go?
Thank you both replied above, its give me an idea what to do next.
Just so you know, I'm in NG+++, and I never use elemental damage weapons outside of the Tonitrus (a good strength weapon with bolt) or enchanting weapons with fire/bolt paper or the phantasm shell. The Tonitrus has high bolt damage not because of its arcane scaling, which is D, but because of its transform, which triples it's bolt damage. It has B strength, so it's a good weapon for strength builds that want a fast, elemental weapon.
(guy who posted big comment) Apparently the Tonitrus is a good arcane weapon as well since although it scales D, the buff works in a way so that makes the scaling more effective, sorry for the misinformation. Look to the Tonitrus page for specifics.
From my experience, strength and skill are better for upping weapon damage over making the weapon a elemental and upping it with arcane. The reason be that 1.)most weapon have a better STR/SKill scaling than arcane, and 2.) the best blood gems I've found so far increase physical damage better than elemental. However, since you already have both STR and skill upped as high as they are effective, it really comes down to how you most often use your QS bullets, and what kind of damage you want to do.

Arcane: For arcane, damage is bolt, fire, and arcane(duh). However, in order to do elemental damage with most weapons, thus making use of its arcane scaling, you need to change it to elemental with a blood gem, which in turn removes both Strength and skill scaling, effectively making your 50 STR/SKILL useless. the only weapons that make use of STR, skill, and arcane at once are the burial blade, Blades of mercy, and the Tonitrus, but even still it not that much of an increase since the scaling is based on the base elemental damage of the weapon, which is quite low compared to its physical damage. The big thing about arcane is the hunter tools and some items that scale A-S with arcane. However, at 27 arcane in NG with many of these tools, I found them to be a tad under-powered compared to just attacking enemies regularly or shooting them with a gun, which my Bloodtinge is at 26. Guns only use 1 QS bullet at a time, but the offensive hunter tools use 3-6-10, they move slower, and don't really do that much damage for their bullet use compared to a well leveled gun. If you level arcane, you may have to level it high in order to get any good effect out of the items. However, when doing PvP with one guy, he used almost every arcane tool against me and didn't hit me once, so they were underwhelming to me. All in all, the only good tools in the game to me are the support ones that don't scale with arcane, the messenger's gift, the beast claw,the phantasm shell, and the hunter's bone. You only need to up arcane to 15 to use them, and they have effective pve and pvp use (except the gift; pvp only).

arcane isn't really worth it unless you really UP it. most weapons are better scaled physically, and there are few tools that really justify their high arcane requirement because of their little effect and high QS usage. I would recommend upping it to 15 if you haven't already just to use the great support hunter tools, but if you don't use them, you might as well invest in bloodtinge. I've seen bloodtinge builds online do some pretty good damage with guns, so it's probably worth it. I myself am making a new main character because i want to reinvest my points into bloodtinge and skill instead of arcane. Hope this helps you decide
Glad to help:)
I was just browsing for info on arcane stat items and this was extremely helpful.
In the game I focus my blood gems on increasing the three physical attacks, but I don't know what happens when I add an elemental damage blood gem. Does this give the weapon an elemental damage or does it increase the amount of damage the weapon does when combined with the elements paper.



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Flat damage added by gems does not benefit from scaling. Only % damage gems benefit from scaling. This is why hybrid gems are superior for pure damage conversion (hybrid being a gem with flat and % bonuses of the same damage type; i.e: primary effect +23% fire with secondary effect +72 fire).

Fun fact: the best fire/bolt/arc gems exceed physical damage, even discounting resistance thresholds, which already average lower than physical resistance.

Artificial difficulty, dood!
In addition to that question, does arcane only affect fire damage? After reading through several articles about damage increase and arcane it makes it seem as if the lightning damage is separate. I have arcane at 40 and the damage increase with lightning paper is only about 413 to 498
But according to research, I can conclude that your observation of Bolt ATK is indeed separate as Fire ATK scales with the amount of Arcane you have.
Using Elemental Blood Gems change the damage of your desired item. Let's say I have a Saw Cleaver with all three imprints. If I use the first two focusing on Physical Damage increase and my last imprint I choose an Elemental Blood Gem, you'll see that the stats of your weapon will no longer include the Physical ATK of your desired weapon, it will be switched over to Fire/Bolt ATK on desired item instead.
And if you decide to add an Elemental Blood Gem to desired weapon, you cannot use Fire/Bolt Papers onto it.