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By Anonymous
The only waifu in soulsborne i stayed loyal too. Simpley becease i love her so mutch, to the point that when i defeat her in battle i use the hunter charm just so we can have the thrill of battle again.

And the cut content dialog she has "what it wrong my hunter" yes she actually said that to your character. Enough said
By Anonymous
Edit "bold hunters mark"
By Anonymous
look at what no ***** at all does to a mf
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Gaslight, Great Ones, Girlboss
By Anonymous
Time to get stun locked by her phase 3 attacks again. Gosh, I love this game!
By Anonymous
Stop dodging away from her, idiot.
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
Am I the only one that had a harder and longer time with this boss than orphan of kos?
By Anonymous
Bruh don't scroll down unless you want to get hit with frenzy irl
By Anonymous
Your warning is fair... had a good laugh tho...
By Anonymous
Sometimes I deliberately extend the fight with Maria. I never parry her and have learned to perfectly dodge all her attacks, even in phase 3. I do this to bait out her extremely rare down shot attack where she slowly rips out my character's liver. I'm considering making a new character and stopping at her fight for this purpose. I honestly just want Maria to singe my flesh with her rotten Cainhurst blood and mark me as her property.
By Anonymous
Enough chicanery for you today
By Anonymous
Nothing like hiding bad boss design behind boobies
By Anonymous
I want maria to literally come to my house and f*cking kill me. just absolutely destroy me. I'm talkin' full on, watermelon-in-the-thighs level carnage. And I want it to scare the sh*t outta me. I mean I hope I piss myself. I hope I piss myself and she calls me her little "peepee pisspiss boy." I want her to f*ck me up. I mean I want her to make me her b*tch. Her little peepee-piss-myself-b*tch, I want it to get embarrassing. I mean like... weirdly embarrassing, Unsanitary, too. We should be entirely different people, by the end of the first eight hours.
By Anonymous
Our eyes should've never opened, f*ck you Mister Willem
By Anonymous
Less insight is preferable right now
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Least insane Lay Maria simp :
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Eileen once said a hoonter should hoont beasts not hoonters. She was wrong. Instead we must hunt the simps.
By Anonymous
They are the worst beasts of all
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