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By Anonymous
That’s my wife
By Anonymous
Yeah I'm a SIMP

S - Stop killing me please
I - I just want to finish the DLC
M - Maria please stop killing me
P - Please stop killing me Maria
By Anonymous
She is EXTREMELY weak to Thrust ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

why is this here?
By Anonymous
u know why
By Anonymous
It's false information and should be removed! Her thrust damage resistance is equal to her slashing and blunt damage resistances! Unobservant hunters could be painfully misinformed!
By Anonymous
It's here because some misogynist thought it would be funny
By Anonymous
I thought I would have to spend a couple of hours fighting Maria, but I somehow managed to beat her in 4 attempts thanks to the parry system.
It's kind of a shame because I did actually enjoy fighting her in the third phase, even tho I never died to her third phase once.
By winged_spear_enjoyer
hah lol same here except that i absolutely DESTROYED her with the moonlight sword's r2s
By Anonymous
Yes please
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By Rain
Her stupid phase 3 attacks lag the game and make dodging harder than necessary.
By Anonymous
I can fix her
By Anonymous
Doll Waifu, Beta Version
By Anonymous
I wish she got a buff in her second phase that made parrying and staggering her impossible. Its a shame that she can be cheesed so easily with r1 or l2 spam.
By Anonymous
No parry in 2nd then no stagger in 3rd just to keep the difficulty more reasonable
By Anonymous
For anyone having trouble, use the Augur of Ebrietas. It took two fights to crush her. I had no problem getting her to the third phase in NG+ but kept dying. Personally, I think I’m decent at this game but apparently not.

Nonetheless, the AofE allowed me to kick the sh*t out of her and I can’t stress it’s value enough. Just make sure you get your viscerals in when you can otherwise it’s pointless. Additionally, remember, dodge to her left. Cake!
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