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By Anonymous
So this is the origins of Bloodblade dance and Rivers of Blood. I like you maria
By Anonymous
Nope, those originate in Sekiro's final combat arts with the mortal blade.
By Anonymous
How in God's name does "The scenery" of Maria's boss room resemble Sir Alonne's? Alonne's has tiled floors, stone pillars and big arched windows, Maria's is a wooden clock tower.
By Anonymous
Just stunlock her to death in the first phase using whirligig saw l2
By Anonymous
I want her to ruin me
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Dear reader, beware of scrolling down. It might result in the stillbirth of your brain.
By Anonymous
Who wrote the entry to dodge your left? No, do not dodge left, dodge to your right and her left aiming just past her, this will avoid every single attack in phase 1 and 2, regardless of her weapon form.

While in phase 3 the fire can catch you as she swings top left to bottom right or in the w shape, but besides that the rightward dodge still works okay, much better than leftward atleast.
By Anonymous
Favorite boss, and Favorite waifu in all of soulsborne.
By Anonymous
The best waifu is the sawspear
By Anonymous
Such a simp xd
By Anonymous
Anon 2 we all are, or where a simp to somthing sucker! XD don't try and deny it, you probably have one too. And that is fine.
By Anonymous
"Simp" is a deeply misogynist term, and using it reveals that you're either underage or mentally underdeveloped.
By Anonymous
Anon 4 "simp" (is a man or woman who puts them selfs in a subervant or submissive position under a person, in the hopes of winning them over. With the person they like bringing anything to the table.) That the actual and most litral definition.

There is also a diffrent term of simp called the "awakend simp" this is the state of being a simp achieves when they realizes their wrong doings. And try to become a better person by working on them self.

-By Increasing their self-worth.

-increasing their confidence

So they don't belittle them self to chase unintrested people. And when the simo doesn't try as hard.

Just to point that out.
By Anonymous
A little bit of simp won't hurt. This is litraly that, dudes just like the boss alot so what worng about that? I have seen way worse simp examples. Where people would go into detail what they sexualy would do to others in a non **** like way.
By Anonymous
Anon 5 and 6 cringe. Work on your spelling. It's hard to take you 2 serious, with the amount of wrong words.
By Anonymous
That's it, humans are cancelled. We aren't making any more of them. This comment section ruined it for everyone. You all are the real vilebloods.
By Anonymous
Just a reskin of Sir Alonne from DS2.
By Anonymous
Then got further watered down into sister Friede in DS3.
By Anonymous
I just wanted to know her blood resist and now I'm about to die from frenzy irl
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