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We did it everybody! We produced the most deranged comment section on any fextra wiki!
By Anonymous
Is strong AF, tall, pretty, defines herself through her own skill and accomplishments rather than inheritance, has extremely good fashion and music taste, cool bossfight and on top of all of that she has a gentle hard for the weak.

This is the ideal women, I will not be convinced otherwise but I will make her some great food.
By Anonymous
Also has committed countless murders, which makes her even hotter.
By Anonymous
i wish we could of gotten some type of useable ability like the bloodflame maria has
By Anonymous
Bruh these comments are like ds3 firekeeper comments ☠️
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The sudden choirs in the OST made me feel visceral fear when she stabbed herself. Coming from the Ludwig boss fight, which is the exact opposite, it's like the game is showing you what an actual monster looks like.
By Anonymous
Lady Maria
You know I am an enlighten man
Of my curiosity, I am beastly mad

Matrona Maria
You know I'm so much skilled than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious causal
Then tell me, Maria
Why I see her swordfighting there
Why her smoldering eyes still scoop my soul

I see her, I awake her
The moon caught in her snowy hair
Is guiding in me out of all control

Like fire
This pyre onto my skin
Secrets I must acquire
What is kos or kosm
By Anonymous
This actually isn't bad.
By Anonymous
put me out my misery mommy
By k_huntington
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oohhhhhh so THIS is where rivers of blood came from. i had forgotten all about her attacks and weapon until i just fought her again tonight.
By Anonymous
as a lesbian. i am not afraid to say i would gladly let lady maria stab me. i would also let her choke me until i pass out and then let her kick my unconscious body.
By Anonymous
That's very specific.
By Anonymous
as a heterosexual man. i am not afraid to say i would gladly let lady maria stab me. i would also let her choke me until i pass out and then let her kick my unconscious body.
By Anonymous
i am also a lesbian, and i don't know if i want to be her more or have her do vile things to me more
By Anonymous
As a lesbian who adores her, you people need therapy. It's weird that you say stuff like this.
By Anonymous
Ugh yes, call me a degenerate and say I need therapy
By Anonymous
this reply thread is weird
By Anonymous
as a lesbian i would let her do the exact same to me
By Anonymous
As a bi guy, I want her to do much worse things to me. And then afterwards do really sweet stuff because I still need love.
By Anonymous
As a sane human being with actual living parents, I regret ever reading this comment thread
By Anonymous
I didn't get extra dialogue from the Doll defeating Maria, instead I came back to the hunters dream after the Mario fight to discover the doll was actually dead, and could no longer talk but still channel blood echoes. I swear I did nothing to hurt or attack her. I can't find anyone else talking about this online. What do I do?
By Anonymous
I'm dumb I didn't realize I somehow had 0 insight after the fight, and when you go back to the Hunters Dream with 0 insight the doll is static.
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