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By Anonymous
So, if like me you don't really play with parry and her combo in the 3rd phase is giving you trouble, here's how I finally beat her :
Phase 1 and 2, dodge and attack, I only went for a parry if I was sure about getting a crit.,not wasting any bullets. That means, going into phase 3, I still had most of my bullets. Went for a parry when she was starting her combo. At best, I got the timing right and I got a crit., at worse, I interrupted her combo, and stunned her enough to get a couple of hits in.
So, kind of mixing strategies worked for me. Pure melee dodge/attack for the first 2 phases, then heavy uses of the firearm in her phase phase to interrupt her combo.
By Anonymous
or just spam augur of ebrietas
By Anonymous
Getting so tired of this fight. I can get her to her 3rd phase without too much issues, but once there, I get caught in her combo that one-shot me...

The things is, you need to dodge her first before attacking (if you don't play with parry), and in her 3rd phase, I'm always a fraction of second too late, and it's game over...

I haven't that much trouble with a boss since Martyr Logarius.
By Anonymous
If you're getting oneshot by Maria's attacks you're either underleveled or have a bad build
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
First playthrough of The Old Hunters and I beat her on my first attempt. AMA
By Anonymous
bruh same, feels awesome
By Anonymous
maria i can cook and clean pls marry me
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Time for women, therefore simping is effective.
By Anonymous
I want maria to put her sword against my neck and dominate me
By Anonymous
Please touch grass.
By Anonymous
sigma male grindset
By Anonymous
Absolutely blessed post & very relatable
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
dont tell her about the doll
By Anonymous
If you think this boss fight is easy, try ng 3 + fowards
By Anonymous
Nobody thinks this is easy...
By Anonymous
Her younger sister Malenia is making a name for herself I hear.
By Anonymous
Malania is not the next lady maria, don't squader her reputation by comparing her to the amazing fight lady maria is.
By Anonymous
her other younger sister friede also made a way for herself. She is also quite known for her feet too.
By Anonymous
Malenia is a rotten ****. Why go naked in 2nd phase, when your intire body is damaged becease of the rot.

Also mechanicly melania is garbage with her imput reading, chain combos. Compare to maria so don't compare this lady with this rotten boss
By Anonymous
July 27 it was confirmed by Zulie that enemies in Elden Ring do NOT input read.
By Anonymous
She was giving me trouble until I changed to the whirligig saw. The L2 stagger is godlike in this fight.
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