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By Anonymous
1. Equip the 'Clawmark', 'Formless oedon' and 'Blood rapture' runes. as high a rank as possible recommended. 2. when you're going for parrying her, shoot a QS bullet not when you see her attack, but when you think she'll attack. her attacks usually have a super quick windup, so you're more likely to parry her if the bullet has already been shot when she begins an attack. you may waste a few bullets but parrying most of her attacks is worth it. 3. Repeat. This works on all of her phases. you just gotta get in the groove. you're wlcome in advance, -Adam ET.
By Anonymous
She a *****ing lesbian that's why she only hugs girls and the animation looks like she whispers something and if you turn your TV to the max you can hear her clearly say "I want 50m3 of th@t a$$ m8" but then your character says no so she rips out her hand breaking your heart like you did to her
By Anonymous
Come on now. Just because she hugs female characters doesn't mean she is lesbian. If a mother hugs her daughter is that lesbian?
By Anonymous
Just beat her at my second try, im on Ng+ at lvl 205, that was bmfun but no that hard as i thought, guess after Ludwig every *****er out there is not hard enough lol.I dont think that i saw that hug attack that you all are saying, im using a build of gorgeous female lady
By Anonymous
Hug attack is her visceral. You have to be parried by her and if she dual wields rakuyo, you wont be seeing it. Very similar to a normal visceral, except she hugs you to support her attack.
By Lexsed
Can't edit but can someone remove the last bulltpoint of the Phase 3 part as it's not accurate?
She only gains a single attack that can parry, which she gains in phase 2, which is mentioned in the Note General Tips.
By Anonymous
cant edit either or i would srry bro
By Anonymous
Whirlygig saw twohanded L2 skill. You dodge and then grind into her for basically youre stamina bar rinse repeat. She gets stun locked while you grind. I had 60 str and skill not sure those stats affect the skill to cause the stun locking
By Anonymous
She moves like she don't care Smooth as silk, cool as air Ooh it makes you wanna cry She doesn't know your name And your heart beats like a subway train Ooh it makes you wanna die Ooh, don't you wanna take her? Wanna make her all your own? Maria, you've gotta see her Go insane and out of your mind Latina, Ave Maria A million and one candle lights
By Anonymous
Spitting bloody fire.
By Anonymous
***** son lol
By Anonymous
Do you think you can get someone to list the attacks and such. i would like to go in a bit more prepared. Thanks!
By Anonymous
Seriously. Three days i've been stuck on this ***** and with no end in sight, if you're close once you get to the second stage you get railed by the after swing and if you're far you get gibbed because everything she does practically stretches the length of the battle arena. Ugh, ***** this *****.
By Anonymous
My suggestion Learn her parry windows. Use The Bloodrupter rune so you don't have to use bloodviles as often And get a fast weapon because she's Easily stunlocked.
By Anonymous
the bloodrupter rune is for when you viscral attack her because you know
By Anonymous
I was playing a male character and I still got the unique V attack animation, so no I don't think it's just female player characters
By Anonymous
At 12:44 she performs the attack. His character is male.
By Anonymous
Same here, fought her with two males and a female see did her special visceral on all of them.
By Anonymous
Just as with the player, she can trigger Visceral if she manages to stagger the player. I was messing around with her fight before I had to go to work one day and she got me with her gun, which resulted in my being staggered, and just offed me on the spot. Did this with my female and my male characters after reading this, both of them took their punishment regardless.
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