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By Anonymous
The biggest downside to choosing the threaded cane at the beginning of the game is that you probably won't ever find a better one.
By Anonymous
Great thing about this is that you can stunlock snatchers from a safe distance in the threaded form with the heavy R2 attacks. And how it deals both serrated damage against beasts and thrust damage against kin. And it’s stylish. And it looks cool when you transform it back to a cane after whipping a mob to death. I love this thing. Thank you.
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By MatinArtorias
One of my friends started playing bloodborne. After a few months I asked her "how is it going?"
She answered: "I finished the game,my weapon was the threaded cane. Other weapons were boring"

I know this is a perfect weapon but I didn't expect a new player to pick it and like it
By Anonymous
unironically the STRONGEST ****ing weapon for viscerals. "better damage for viscerals" is a hell of an understatement. did like 3 times my normal viscerals and i'm planning to do 20 times that according to some videos demonstrating the sheer ****in power this thing can put out. "m'lady" your hearts out.
By Anonymous
When I first got to Maria with somewhat depleted resources from failures, I've beaten her with like 5 or 4 viscerals in a row, to this day I don't know what this boss even does, and only heard her full theme song on a youtube.
Yah, viscerals on threaded cane skill build are good.
By Anonymous

1- Style.
2- AMAZING crowd control in whip form (even better if you can free aim).
3- Whip form is great for hitting some weak spots. (like amygdala head).
4- SERRATED IN WHIP FORM (extra damage against 80% of enemies in the game).
5- Trust R2 in cane form (kin enemies weak to trust), super fast charged attack too, good for viscerals.
6- Super fast R1 chain in cane form, can stunlock most weaker enemies with ease.
7- Righteous in cane form.
8- Buffable (bolt paper+r2 poke vs kin, fire paper+whip form vs beasts = now that's a lot of damage).
9- rank S skill scaling.
10- Can work on a skill build, on a bloodtinge build with some skill, and on arcane builds too (takes a lot of farming tough).
11- SUPER LOW stamina consumption.
12- Transform from whip to cane to assert dominance and superiority.

1- Low damage at the start, but after you get like 20 skill and upgrade it to +2 that goes away. Literally the only con disappears if you stick with the weapon long enough.

By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This dude time traveled 3 hours into the past because he forgot the most important part of any whip build
By Anonymous
This weapon is surprisingly good
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Great weapon but pretty terrible for a new player especially in central yarnham where the idea is to learn the games aggressive style. Seems like they should have offered something more like the cleaver but with skill scaling.

And saying this does a ton more visceral damage is misleading, as it just adds a +15 which comes out to only 200 damage at 99 SKL.
By Anonymous
then you haven't built it correctly, cause it does do a lot more visceral damage in whip form.
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