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Visceral attacks also remove the worms
Page said Laurence was the founder of the Cainhurst Vilebloods which is false; he was the founder of the Healing Church.
I swear to god these maggots are the hardest enemies. Including bosses.
I don't know alfred said "the head of the healing church brought forbidden blood to cainhurst" so laurence could be responsible for this transgression, they did say in the lore he forgot to fear the old blood... - _-



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If you find things that you believe are inaccurate, you can always edit the page yourself :D
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he says that a noble stole the blood of the healing church and brought it too cainhurst. not that the head brought it too cainhurst
That's true bro, definitely not Lawrence. Plus the bit about them being strong against fire can't be true. I mean killing a maggot infested silver beast with fire will also end the lives of all infesting maggots.
I am not getting the maggots fighting Silverbeasts in Nightmare Frontier. Could it be due to using the Saw Spear? Adding Serrated to Fire and Visceral as methods of avoiding the maggots.

Should also be noted that this is before killing Rom.
The Silverbeasts in the Frontier don't have maggots. Only the Silverbeasts in the Nightmare of Mensis and sometimes in the Chalice Dungeons.


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Only in the Chalice (quite rare) and Nightmare of Mensis, they spawn on a Silverbeast's death.
Removed the part about Frenzy damage, since they don't actually build up any sort of damage meter whatsoever.


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Bobbit Worms
I hate those *****ers they are so annoying and hard to hit
Remove this waste of programming time from the game
I wasnt getting the worms from silberbeasts at nightmare frontier and I was killing them with normal attacks using threaded cane and saw spear.
That's cause they don't hatch out of silver beasts in the frontier, only in Mensis
Killed a Silverbeast in Mensis with a tranformed Boomhammer R2, but these guys still spawned. Anyone know if the fire attacks got patched or is it something to do with the Boomhammer itself?