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By Anonymous
Great early game arcane weapon. I will always love this thing.
By Anonymous
Question about "plain" physical damage: all the attacks on this page are listed as Blunt (for the physical component). However, there is still a separate number for plain physical attack, and it doesn't go up if you eg add a blood gem that only boosts blunt. Is this just a meaningless aesthetic thing so that the table on game doesn't awkwardly have a missing row? Or is there some attack that does plain physical damage/other reason it could ever matter?
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By Stephetheon
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Tonitrus got me thinkin I have 850 AR. cheeky bastard
By Anonymous
If you hate the tonitrus, **** you. The tonitrus is a way of life and you simply can't comprehend it, you don't have enough insight. You don't have the eyes required to see the beauty of this thing, and that it is an absolute monster. This weapon is truly a great one, and gets more blood on its tip than a male **** star does in menstruation fetish videos. It does bolt damage, so its great for arcane builds. It ****s **** up with its great strength scaling, the ONLY stat you should worry about as dex is for ******. It simply is THE weapon to use. Oh what, you think you should use the mlgs or the boom hammer instead? chud weapons for chud hunters. They are so big and bulky, using it looks more like compensation than practicality. Use the tonitrus, give in to the sparky bowling ball.
By Anonymous
Praise the Tonitrus
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
tonitrus arcane at 40.
By Anonymous
Durability existn't
By Anonymous
one of my favorite weapons. Some folks don't like the Tonitrus due to its moveset and lack of a "true" transformed mode. However, with the right stats it does trememdous damage. If you are someone who likes the saw cleaver for example, but needs something with more stopping power when fighting non-beast enemies, the Tonitrus can be a good choice, especially against kin enemies. The Tonitrus cannot do thrust damage, however kin are also vulnerable to lightning, which the Tonitrus can activate without needing bolt paper.

However, its a relatively slow and predictable weapon; I would not take it into PvP. You will probably have a hard time using it against NPC hunters as well, and the reach is short, which will bite in areas such as the forbidden woods. Lastly, while the buff is not DS1 flask drinking levels of slow and awkward, its long enough for enemies to exploit. I recommend practicing with the transform attack(s), which will allow you to buff without having to 100% let your guard down.

Ludwig's holy blade is an ok replacement if you are an arcane character, but do not like the Tonitrus. But I imagine the Tonitrus does more damage.
By Anonymous
As someone who's currently using both on my Arcane build, I do not imagine that the Tonitrus does more damage than Ludwig's Holy Blade. I KNOW that it does. As an added note, while I would not advocate for this weapon's use in PvP, I will state that NPC hunters don't really know how to handle its moveset. Just as long as you don't try to use it on some of the more trigger-happy ones you should be fine.
By Anonymous
The tiny tonitrus description doesn't say flail interestingly enough. Not sure why this one does. Most morning stars were maces rather than flails. Flails were quite rare.
By Anonymous
I love this weapon but does it have to break every 10 minutes
By Anonymous
Uncanny Tonitrus found in False Depth Root Pthumeru, in Layer 1 pre-boss bonus area) glyph: fearrfan . Thanks to this video! (
By Anonymous
I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be designed after a Van De Graaff generator
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