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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

wear the Yahar'gul set and keep activating the bolt and you look like a wizar :->
Anyone noticing that Tonitrus loses buff damage after you lose some health? At full HP I get 774, then when I lose even a little health, I get 554. What is going on here? Maybe a patch did this?
Oh never mind, I saw in the player notes where it said that its a bug.
"It's considerably useful against opponents that are weak against bolt and blunt damage."
I killed the boss and didn't get the get the badge
I killed the boss and didn't get the get the badge
I killed the boss and didn't get the get the badge
"Best weapon in the game", "technically the strongest weapon in the game" "highest damage output of all weapons in the game with buff"... Wonder if this is the same person who crapped all over the Blades of Mercy page. It's a trick weapon, the have advantages and drawbacks that balance it out. There is no superior or inferior trick weapon. Of course I'm not saying the Tonitrus is bad, it's a very good weapon situationally. In other situations, however, specifically against enemies/bosses strong to blunt (sadly, most bosses have good blunt defense) or bolt. I'm just saying this page makes this weapon out to seem like Jesus used it, it's a bit misleading for a wiki page to have so much hype for this weapon.
I attempted to fix the page's vandalism, but since I don't have an official guide of the game I don't know for certain what the true numbers are regarding the self buff. Otherwise, I managed to clear up alot of the obvious bias the person who vandalized this page showed towards the weapon.
Kin are not humanoids. Kin are the "celestial entities" that are related to the game's underlying plot, aka any creature related to the Great Ones. It is true that most Kin-type monsters are met much later in the game, but they are not scarce.

On the other hand, humanoids (such as hostile hunters) count as neither Beast nor Kin.

Back on point, I agree that the Tonitrus is not equally effective against all enemies in the game, so having another purely physical thrust/slash weapon and switching between it and Tonitrus should essentially cover all your needs. If an enemy seems to be taking far less damage from your Tonitrus than most enemies do, switch to your other weapon and shred 'em. Ludwig's Holy Blade is a great companion weapon to the Tonitrus and a personal preference of mine; it covers Tonitrus' lack of both thrust and slash damage types, as well as catering to two completely different playstyles (small sword and greatsword).
The weapon it itself is only great against Kin, meaning humanoid, so your very right.
However, If I were to put the weapons in terms of what it is, it is a spam weapon for people who are very simple, and chose very little in supporting combos. I don't know where you would get such a thing because the a weapon like the tonitrus is like a flip coin In a way.
The weapon also looks like the small brass tool used to discharge electricity. I dont remember the name of that, if anyone could figure it out.
Classic From: Give you this awesome new weapon that is UTTERLY USELESS against the area's boss.
Considering you get the badge to purchase Tonitrus after killing Paarl, the weapon is basically akin to a Dark Souls boss weapon. It was pretty stupid to use a boss's weapon against its own boss back then, and it's no different here. I also don't know what your complaint is, since you usually have a +4 - +6 weapon by then anyway, which makes Tonitrus useless in comparison regardless.
I actually killed Paarl using the Tonitrus, He actually took decent damage. I dont think he has bolt resistance ironically.
That's how I felt
I find this funny; the majority of Dark Souls' enemies (especially DS2) primarily suffer more damage from blunt weapons, while many Bloodborne enemies and bosses are highly resistant to them. Message: Evolution.
Well, Paarl isn't special in this case, most bosses and enemies have higher Blunt Defense to prevent Blunt-based weapons from doing absurd damage and thus being overpowered.
When I read that I was about to fight a Brainsucker as I boss I was slightly dreading it, but then I started hitting it with my Tonitrus and It died before the buff wore off.


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It should actually be Changes 2.0 because I made several changes to this page a long time ago, back before I made an official account here, but whatever.

Anyways, did some cleaning up on the page. I do have to admit that I don't know for sure if the numbers are accurate, but I do know is that this hurts ALOT in capable hands. This is granted that you pick the weapon up in an area whose boss is, coincidently, extremely resistant to its damage.



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Ailing Loran root chalice. both offerings.

Uncanny beast claw and lost rifle spear in layer 1, lost hunter axe in layer 2 (I think) and uncanny tonitrus in layer 3.