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By Anonymous
I found a new dungeon were you can find the +100.

By Anonymous
Anyone else trying to farm all of these runes just to spam bloodletter L2 in pvp?
By Anonymous
Just found today, Cursed Isz wf2pwmzr, Deep Sea +300.

Layer 3 mid(?)-level area, in a sarcophagus guarded by a brain sucker.

There's also an Arcane Lake +10% on layer 1.
By Anonymous
A Bottomless Curse...A Bottomless Sea...
By Anonymous
Xytt6g3q has great deep sea and drep sea 100. I have just shared the dungeon and will leave it open
By Anonymous
The jkfhe7nu dungeon is closed.
By Anonymous
The most useful resistance rune, only one worth using (conditionally)
By Anonymous
Rotten Lower Hintertomb [pjtguzwy] (F/R/-) L1: Deep Sea+100 L3: Great Deep Sea+50 Bath Messenger fountain is located in the first side area of L1. You can access the shop without encountering enemies.
By Anonymous
Great for Farming Winter Lanterns