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By Anonymous
In the Trivia section, where it mentions that the backside of her eyeballs have features- are we sure that's a Berserk reference, and not the doll having "eyes on the inside", like what Master Willem was trying to achieve?

Also, when she tells the player to close their eyes & it appears as if they remain open- maybe the player is closing their "eyes on the inside"?
If I'm not mistaken, you're referred to as "Paleblood" in the opening cutscene of the game, and the doll literally has pale blood- could that have something to do with this as well?
By Anonymous
I asked this on the Lady Maria page, but I need to ask about a really particular situation I'm in

After I defeated Lady Maria, I went back to the Hunters Dream and found my doll dead. I had done nothing to hurt or kill her. She did not get up after a reload and is still dead, not able to talk and only channels blood echoes. I've searched all over and I can't find why this happened. Anyone got any ideas?
By Anonymous
Nevermind I ended the fight with 0 insight somehow and the doll appears dead at 0 insight.
By Anonymous
I have a theory that your insight may affect the rate at which Doll's secret dialogue about Flora may trigger. I get that dialogue at 88 insight and I saw a lot of people with a high amount of insight get that dialogue, too. Of course there was also people with small amount of insight that got this dialogue, so I guess it's not impossible, but I still think with a huge amount of insight it's really easier. I died A LOT in this game and I never saw doll do this, but once I hit somewhere around 80 insight it happened relatively fast.
Insight affects your Discovery and drop rates of valuable items, so maybe there's some secret multiplier with this dialogue, too.
By Anonymous
Renni, blaith died long ago. You will find no beast companion here
By Anonymous
Sometimes I remember that a lot of people think the Doll is the major antagonist of the game because some redditor had a 100 page long stroke about it and then I get very sad.
By Anonymous
plain doll nah lady marias step sister
By Anonymous
The original ranni the witch
By Anonymous
Mommy! Would love to paint her insides white!
By Anonymous
its nice to know she basically becomes a adoptive mother when i become a elder god squid
By Anonymous
"Even the doll, should it please you.."

dont mind if i do
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