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By Anonymous
Based and righteous pilled weapon tbh
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By iota-09
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righteous? check
serrated? check
thrust? check
range? check
even on first hit? check
backstab ability? check
knockdown on(some) R2? check

and the list keeps on going... this weapon really has it all.
By Anonymous
Hotel? Trivago
By Anonymous
How good would this be for arcane conversions?
By Anonymous
I keep it as the large sword for a hollow knight roleplay
By Anonymous
Stop watching rick n' morty
By Anonymous
This thing should be called church scythe
By Anonymous
Why? Its not a scythe... it's a pick
By Anonymous
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought it was called the "Church Prick"
By Anonymous
The transformed R1 is just made for the fight against Amygdala. I was doing around 600 damage per swing to the head and I don’t even have high-level blood gems yet.
By Anonymous
Kin deleter

Actually beast deleter too

Just everything deleter. Phenomenal weapon
By Anonymous
Like the train from battlefield, it's the AE, Anti Everything.
By Anonymous
how does this do serration damage?
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By bolalar
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i think that's a mistake; the weapon's thrust attacks have a 1.2x beasthunter modifier which is functionally the same as serration bonus but actually affects even more beasts
By Anonymous
It doesn’t look serrated here but in the game it does. Serrated just means it has teeth, like a saw.
By Anonymous
i suppose it's basically one giant saw tooth
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