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By FlopDisDawg
Does anyone know where I can find some good thrust attack blood gems? All the ones I have are trash.
By Anonymous
only way is farming from watchers and sometimes they drop thrust (but mostly blunt). Triangle is the hardest to farm
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By cloudbloom
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I know that seasoned players know about the follow up attacks on weapons but if you're new to the game There are weapons that do a unique attack after a charged R2. Charge R2 and right after that press R2 again, in this weapons transformed mode it does an awesome attack that sends almost every enemy flying. Kirkhammer has one too with incredible damage
By Anonymous
the chikage has one too after a fully charged R2. Just press R2 right after the attack and it does just as much dmg as the charged, but without extra HP drain
By Anonymous
The pick has become my favourite weapon because of its great balance. States wise it is not overwhelming but to the experience player it's befits are clear. It staggers like crazy on both modes. Stops all but the biggest in its tracks. Good reach. Ok stamina drain. I can get 45 hits on astral lady in corner? She could do nothing. Pick mode has great reach, speed and range r1 pick spam also staggers. Great move set for norm and pick. I do more dps with this wep than my beefed up Ludwig. Amazing wep
By Anonymous
4-5 hits* not 45 lol
By Anonymous
A arcane build with this will give you all the means of casts, gun & the pick's moveset,. Start with Troubled Childhood, with base strength of 9 as required, 1 point into Skill, then I go straight up 70 arcane, that's 82 lvls so far, then 20 stamina = 86, then the rest into health, which goes up to 127, 137 or more depending your meta choice
By Anonymous
I forgot to mention that the l2 in pick mode is great in pvp. It comes out lightning quick and can be chained with l1 transformation attack for a nice two hit move .
By Anonymous
It looks like both axe and pick are similar in functionality with the axe being strength based and the pick being skill based
By Anonymous
He's not in his cell for me
By Anonymous
Doesn't this look similar to Martyr Logarius' scythe weapon? Maybe he uses a variation of this? -SilverDranglor
By Anonymous
No, Logarius has the same Scythe as the Pthumerian Elder, The church pick look more like a Bec De Corbin with a flat top instead of a piercing spike.
By Anonymous
Is it possible to hit the Hunter through the wall without opening the door and killing him before you get the key?
By Anonymous
not without opening the door. nope. i killed the bastard open door by hitting him on the side of the door.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I killed him through the wall with the Boom Hammer's splash damage from the charged, transformed R2 attack. I did that after opening the door, though. I was tipped off my a messenger note and I noticed the tip of his pick on the other side of the door as I stood at the entrance.
By Anonymous
it actually is
By Anonymous
You can idid go up to the hole dont go in hit him with a dagger he will move then go to the gate he will lock on then stab him it will work i do it all the time
By Anonymous
What's the quickest way to get the weapon for my build I want to get it as soon as possible
By Anonymous
Considering game density and overall progress of the game+DLC combined, getting the Church Pick practically means halfway thru the game now. You have to kill Amelia and trigger night time by inspecting Laurence's skull, which is practically the middle of the original game. And you have to find the Underground Cell Key in the Research Hall, which also practically the middle of the DLC. It's the only way to get it I'm afraid, and if you don't have the DLC you an't get any DLC weapon period, let alone this one.
By Anonymous
LOL that is not the middle of the game, that's like 1/4 through at most. But I still agree that it takes a while to get the weapons.
By Anonymous
If you have PS+ summon some people to help you kill Ludwig and clear out the Research Hall. If you don't have PS+ or don't want to summon you're going to have to do all of that yourself.
By Anonymous
Wouldnt it be the best if we used the thrust gems? there are 32% ones too, also how many of the attack count as thrust?
By Anonymous
Okay, so I did some testing using 2 30+% thrust gems + 26% physical triangle, then 1 30+% thrust with 27% phys radial and the 26% triangle then 2 27% and the 26% triangle. I also compared it to the Burial Blade with 27-27-26 (same as the last church pick variation). I used the church giants in cathedral ward as subjects on NG5+. Results on the Church Pick: 2 trust= 12 hits, 1 thrust 1 phys= 10 hits, 2 phys= 9 hits (sometimes 8). Result on Burial Blade: 8 hits (rarely 7) So the CP is about the same as the BB. I will stick to the BB, although the CP is not a bad weapon
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