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By Anonymous
Finishing the game to bring the hunt to an end < finishing the game so you can grab a drink with your new bestie
By Anonymous
actual best npc of all time. I wanted to kill the old man so badly but i didnt because it would make him upset. thank you odeon chapel dweller for making me a better person.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
this boy right here is the best NPC in the game no debate
By Anonymous
does he have legs
he looks like he's in the floor
is he ok
By Anonymous
Dweller are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Dweller?
By Anonymous
Do I have to send the suspicious beggar here to make the dweller want to be my friend?
By Anonymous
No, he will be your friend regardless, I do believe you need to send friendly NPC's to the chapel as he wants to help people and will be happy when you do.
By PaulieWalnutz
Wow. The trigger on the PS4 controller is sensitive. I dropped my controller and killed about the only truly decent character in the game. I should have been more careful after shooting the Doll. May the good blood guide his way and so on.
By Anonymous
Does the Dweller die from that bandage head guy from forbidden woods because i sent that guy to the catheral ward and the. Dweller is dead. I think i made a mistake
By Anonymous
nevermind, he goes killed the dweller which mesns i shall kill him too..
By Anonymous
Yes. That bandage head guy is a cannibal, also known as the Abhorent Beast. He's one of the only characters in the game to keep his sanity after going beast, and eats people. He's in fact munching on someone when you find him. If you attack him in the forest, he transforms into a massive electrical beast.
By Anonymous
"Additionally, clipping though his game model reveals no breasts."

Thank you Fextra. Now I can finally rest.
By Anonymous
It pains me so much that this guy holds one of the Oedon Writhe Runes necessary to obtain all runes and 100% of the game. It doesn't state his death dialogue here but as far as I'm concerned he has two pieces of Diaglogue depending on the actions of the player.

If the Player kills him 1st: "I just wanted to help... people...."
If the player kills him after another NPC is killed and his questline is finished: "I only be your...friend."

There might be more that I haven't encountered but I'll never know. After the Rune is obtained, You'd have to be heartless to kill him for no reason.
By Anonymous
You fool, there are many ways to obtain other (and more powerful) oedon writhe runes bro. Also theres no trophy for getting ALL the runes, you just got to find a rare rune, and theres a more powerful rare version of the same rune he has, on cathedral ward, on a secret part of the elevator after the door that opens when you kikk BloodStarved Beast. You dont need to kill him for the platinum btw.
By Anonymous
yup, you don't have to kill him. This poor soul. Also his odeon writhe has the least quality so its not even really worth it, for you find the better one near him. Maybe before ng+ for getting everything. But damn, I am at this point myself and i just want to be friends with him. In this world of nightmares and madness he seems to be the ONLY sane and kind person, Player Character included.
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