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In my game, he killed the old lady first. Than he had sex with the prostitute ( the blonde girl ) !!! Yesterday i saw blood on the chair of the blonde girl, but, there were also bloodstains on the stairs... So i went down the stairs and i saw the prostitute who was crying with a baby monster in front of her, and the baby monster looks like odeon! 2 hands and a tail. So, i'm definitely gonna kill Odeon, and save the girl of the church!!!
He was obviously joking.
Wrong, it wasn't him in any regard.


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I think u got the game confused with Leaving Las Vegas
Hit him once and he says something along the lines of "I know it's my fault, just don't hit me anymore!"
Oh that is that saddest thing ever, don't hit him then. :'(
When i killed all NPC's before going to NG+, this guy seriously made me feel guilty. Never gonna do this again.
His fault? For what?
The beggar got him... ***** shame. I liked the guy.



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Just send the beggar to the clinic so he turns into an alien.
I did the same thing. Can't wait to see him turn into an alien.
I murdered him in cold blood because I targeted him and he looked like an enemy...
"Oh my god! He killed Odeon chapel dweller!"
I don't get how people like this can sleep at night D:
From the conversation I had with the crying nun in black, I was under the assumption that the Odeon Chapel Dweller gathered people at the cathedral and (un)knowingly had them dragged away by the tall guys with the bags, who would later turn/murder those they captured. His "intentions" are good, but I question his motives...
Intentions and Motives are the same thing in this case
Didn't the nun say that she was caught in "central Cathedral ward"? If that was the case, then it's hardly blind red-robed guy's fault if the snatchers break into her home, or catch her when she's out late getting groceries, or who knows what.
He probably remains sane because he's lost his eyes. There's a lot of emphasis on eyes in the game and more insight (represented by an eye-con haha...ha) allows you to see the real state of the world. So having no eyes is like having -2 insight.
You must have brought the beggar to the church. He's a beast that kills your NPCs there if you let him.
So, uh, I entered Oedon Chapel after not visiting for quite some time only to find that he had died. hELP.
Beggar is a cannibal.
I got something which is killling my people @ cathedral ward and he is the second last to be killed before arianna he mentioned everytime some1 is taken how increddible sorry he is for not being able to protect them
the beggar from the forest
the beggar from the forest
for me he was the first to die but yeah, just kill the beggar, use poison knifes once he have transformed, very effective and he can't go in to the church as the gate is to small
I initially mistook him for an enemy so I swung my weapon at him. When he talked, I realized he was an NPC and he gave me something. Then he explained that I could send other NPCs his way if I let him. However, the option to send NPCs to Oeden Chapel never opened up. Is this because I took a swing at him?
That's not right. In my first playthrough I never once talked to Iosefka and still managed to get the option to send people to Oedon Chapel. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's got nothing to do with Iosefka.
Just so you guys know you have to go back to the beginning at iosefka's clinic and talk to her and she'll ask for you to send people to the clinic. only after that will you get the option to send people somewhere, you have to make a decision between the two
That's not right. In my first playthrough I never once talked to Iosefka and still managed to get the option to send people to Oedon Chapel. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's got nothing to do with Iosefka.
I accidentally swung my ax to end a conversation we were having and hit him. Out of fear that he was probably some ridiculously powerful mage or something I swung again and killed him. Then he spoke his dying words and felt absolutely horrible. I wish there was a way to bring him back to life!
A massive, throbbing one.
Yer awful… truly a monster
yes.. yes you are
Ironic. Killing by no reason doesn't make you a hunter.. as you have no true difference from the creatures you hunt. My kokoro fees so bad when I hear his dying words.