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"Beast-Possessed Soul.
Weakness: Fire (But not weak to fire)"

Erhm... ok
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the journey of a hunter who wanted to smash all the living beings on the dream
By Anonymous
ебать в этой игре врагов много
By Anonymous
Frankly embarrassing prose on some of the descriptions
By Anonymous
missing things
By Anonymous
WHat a load of bullspit!
By Anonymous
my lords i just came from the dark souls uni.... WHAT THE F*CK
By Anonymous
'f**ked remnants' yeah thats correct, beast patient
By Anonymous
I think it says damned but this seems more correct
By Anonymous
Possible unpopular opinion: Bloodborne has the most annoying enemies of the SoulsBorne series, no doubt about it.
Some examples of ******* enemies: Labyrinth Sages, Winter Lanterns, Garden of eyes, Keeper's dogs, Hunting dogs, and every Spider
By Anonymous
I disagree that those enemies are unfair, excluding a player’s first encounter with the Winter Lantern. They’re challenging, but not broken in any way.
By Anonymous
Oi, ya left out rats the skallywags!
By Anonymous
I actually think ds3 is worse... admittedly though you're right about the winter lanterns those things are actual aids
By Anonymous
Winter lanterns are quite egregious but dogs are way more infuriating in all other souls games. Spiders are pretty hard but not *******. Garden of eyes is extremely easy so idk why this is on here.
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