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By Anonymous
Are these descriptions pulled straight from the game?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This page is laid out so ****, what the **** were they thinking? Sort by Alphabetical or by level, not whatever cluster**** this ******* is.
By Anonymous
Have you never heard of alphabetical order
By Anonymous
It's alphabetical order you literally said that
By Anonymous
Barely, half of them are randomly out of order
By Anonymous
Great I went full Arcane build to exploit the elemental weakness of enemies and turns out only 6 enemies in the whole dam game area actually weak against that **** where everything else is weak against ether thrust or blunt physical damage or have no significant weakness fml
By Anonymous
if you want to exploit every enemy's weakness, just make a bloodtinge build and get yourself a lost chikage; none can withstand the sheer might of blood
By Anonymous
Sounds like a skill issue there bud
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
where is my mumma
By Anonymous
All the enemies in the game are either Beasts or Kin with only 2-3 special cases of bosses being neither. Beasts are weak to fire, kin are weak to bolt. If you have 2 neurons, you'd realize already you only have 2 damage types to keep track of to get a permanent upper advantage on everything in the game. if you're into farming Cursed Bloodgems, the least negative effect you can have is ATK Vs. Beasts down in your Bolt gems, or ATK Vs. Kin down on your fire gems. This way, using two weapons, you can tackle pretty much the whole game with a permanent advantage.
By Anonymous
There are special weapons for beasts and kins like the saw spear for example. A fire saw spear with beasthunter gems can one shot beasts like the werewolf beast or the large Huntsman even at mid level game.
By Anonymous
What about the neutral ones dingus
By Anonymous
If you want an advantage over literally everything in the game it’s as simple as saw cleaver + beast blood pellet + bolt or fire paper (depending on situation).
By Anonymous
I noticed either because I got level 45 or insight 10 that enemies in the same area now require more hits to take down. Internet says this doesn't happen but at the first later this has definitely happened.
By Anonymous
Undead giant has the most terrifying description of all.
By Anonymous
nah man, the beastclaw hunter does.
By Anonymous
You got it all wrong, the best description is the Labyrinth mole
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is there anything on the enemies in the Fishing Hamlet
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