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I just found an Uncanny BoM in a ~Lower~ Ailing Loran Root chalice (r8ig5mq2, 3rd floor coffin) but Uncanny BoM is listed under Ailing Loran Root. Perhaps weapons are found within families of dungeons and are cumulative by depth?
To find the weapons, allways the offerings are needed, or can i find the weapons too, without any offering?
I think some offerings trigger the appearance of certain weapons in place of others, but i'm not sure



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Looking at the glyphs shared on the wiki, there doesn't appear to be any relation between offerings and weapons. I believe the only thing the offerings affect (besides difficulty) is the drop rate and rarity of Blood Gems.
Here's a spreadsheet of glyph codes. Try them out.
Forgot the spreadsheet link:
Are the lost/uncanny weapons ALWAYS in those dungeons or are those just the dungeons where they MIGHT be?
I've read they MIGHT be there.
you can find glyphs where there is an higher probability to find it, but it's only possible to use them if you play online
What does the lost and uncanny mean?
Lost/Uncanny means they have different gem slots than the default versions.
Why is no one mentioning the Messengers you find in Lower Hintertomb that sell basically all the Lost and Uncanny weapons ?
Because to buy the uncanny and lost version you need the normal version
Yo, do the hintertomb messengers sell the non-DLC uncanny and lost weapons?
Does anyone know if you can get two of the same version of the same weapon? For example, I got the Uncanny Ludwig Holy Blade from a false depth chalice. I reloaded the dungeon and there was a Great One's Wisdom in its place. If I sell the ULHB and redo the chalice will I get another one? And if not can I get another one from a different dungeon if I still have it or sell it?
There are vendors in the dungeons that sell you lost and uncanny weapons.