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When I first played bloodborne, I knew there were guns, but I didn't know that they were tied to the bloodtinge skill. So when I saw it, I assumed it would be some kind of awesome new blood magic mechanic where you got different kinds of sacrificial daggers or something to sacrifice some of your health for amazing spells or buffs, you know, since the game is based on the fact that the Old Blood is all powerful. But no, just some gun mechanic. Guns are nice and all, but just so boring. I wanted to see more things like the Chikage in item form or something like that. At least I can look forward to new DLC...
Bloodletter and Chikage fulfill the "health sacrifice" speculation you've made.

Also, the canonical reason that the stat tied to guns is called Bloodtinge is kind of mentioned in the Quicksilver Bullets' description. The bullets are laced with the hunter's own blood to make them effective against beasts. This should mean that blood-letting melee weapons, such as the aforementioned two, must also benefit from the Bloodtinge stat, which is indeed the case. Note also that you can sacrifice a portion of your health (i.e. blood) at any time to make more QS bullets.
The Arcane spells in Bloodborne use QS Bullets, if you're out of bullets you can sacrifice your HP to get 5 Blood Bullets so you can cast spells, basically what you wanted
the rosmarinus is in the area before the big alien boss, room with many werwolfes on the right in a small passage (the cosmic eye watcher badge). also allows to buy poison throwing knifes, i think.
To the Wiki Host - The Flamesprayer is acquired after the (SPOILER ALERT) Cathedral is accessed. From there, return to Gilbert who states the reason why he is ill, not to worry about him and on the second conversation (meaning you have to talk to him twice) he will give you the weapon. It isn't after the Cleric Beast but after the Cathedral is accessed.

- M
i do wish there was magic too i love being a battle mage in DS1&2 so i was very disappointed but i still love the game though, but im a major spell user fan



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Thanks! :) I will add to the page. You an also add it yourself by clicking "edit" button on top right if you want next time! :)
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i do wish there was magic too i love being a battle mage in DS1&2 so i was very disappointed but i still love the game though, but im a major spell user fan



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Arcane is magic. You can deal fire dmg with a Flamesprayer and putting a blood gem on a weapon to make it deal fire dmg.
There is a weapon in the game that can be aimed like the bow for distant attacks? Mainly to attract enemies
At this point I'm wondering when Bloodshot is going to suggest they make the entire world rebuildable ingame, like some kind of minecraft or terraria rip off.
Monocular+Pebbles. :)
At this point I'm wondering when Bloodshot is going to suggest they make the entire world rebuildable ingame, like some kind of minecraft or terraria rip off.


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HOlding the button to really aim seems like an obvious mechanic while clicking for quick shots or throws. Would of made since in the tangled wood were u cant crouch behind cover or shoot the 8 or 9 rifleman just ****** you the so called HUNTER. Would it be too traumatic to Implement stealth for the fanboys. Simplecrouching and sneaking.... And Why did demon souls let you climb over/vault obstacles and what good is jumping when ther is hardly any gaps and you have to clear an obstacle by a foot to make it over. Dulls or limits exploration possibilities and sense of adventure. Chutes and latters only
blood coctails are basically enemy bait but can't really be aimed, aybe if you use monoculars
you're thinking of simon's bowblade from the old hunters DLC
Hi ppl.
I don't get why we have to level up the damage of those guns since they are only usefull for the parry.
Am I misssing something here :D ?
With a bloodtinge build and a maxed out Evelyn/Repeating, you have the potential to 1 shot.


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certain ones can actually do solid damage, one in particular (the cannon) can frequently one shot people in pvp or at least mostly kill them, other guns like the repeating pistol or evelyn can deal a solid 200-300 a shot for a dedicated bloodtinge build.
current builds:
Guido, level 75 corvian great scythe luck build.
Cindry, Level 100 pure faith build.
Jura, level 70 leo halberd build.
Next: Poise stacker was meh, just a str build now.



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The Evelyn is also awesome in its own right, when maxed. Even the Hunter Pistol, at max level, will deal -almost- as much damage as an Evelyn. (on a Bloodtinge build). Both have the benefit of using only 1 silverbullet per shot (2 for the repeating pistol, 10 for the cannon)
On a bloodtinge build my +10 repeating pistol is doing more than 750 on a single shot with bone marrow ash, freaks people out in PVP. Haha
12 for the cannon with the new patch
Does a higher scaling of bloodtinge increases the chance of stunning / parry enemies? I think about my beloved Evelyne. (Sorry for bad english, german)
No. However, the Evelyn will have difficulty parrying people who are right in your face. The weapon's length means that the bullet comes out further than most weapons. This has gotten me killed quite a few times, most notably with the Pthumerian descendant in the dungeons. If you are a high tinge build, I recommend the piercing rifle as a secondary. The damage difference between the two is less than ten ar, the bullet comes out closer, and it has the stun of a blunderbuss.
Which Kind of firearm is more effective for stunning / parry enemies? A pistol or a shotgun?
Pistol. More faster, accurate and deals more damage. Blunderbuss just has a wide spread meaning you wont miss as often.
Depends on the enemy type. Hunters are easier to hit with the Blunderbuss
I say shotgun
How it works: the Blunderbuss has a longer Parry Window, and has a bigger frame. But is slower. A Lot slower. The pistol is faster and that is it's only better point. So it's up to you really
I wanted to be edgy and hold my firearm in my right hand and my primary weapon in the left but nooo we can't be edgy and primarily use our firearms and then throw in some r1s from our left handed primary 3/10 from I'm gonna have to complain on Reddit about this
Are you being sarcastic? I'm like, 93% Percent sure you're Sarcastic.
The amount of people who didn't understand that this is a joke even after reading the last part is too damn high.
Where's the UZI?
For some reason when I shoot to parry someone my character will aim up and to the left causing it to miss a lot even though i'm locked on and the target is not moving, getting kind of annoying when it makes pointless deaths happen
Are you using the Evelyn? It's a long-range pistol and will often miss if you're too close to the target.