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By Anonymous
Laurence is a positioning based boss in a game that has spent its entire runtime beating the positioning out of you. Hence why so many people dislike him, as you basically have to change your whole playstyle to beat him. I personally really like him, but I’m not sure if he should have been in this particular game. (He’s 100% fair tho)
By Anonymous
I don’t like your ugly face
By Anonymous
The "use your gun and V attack" advice is dogshit
By Anonymous
3rd phase is such a *****, hard time finding openings, also one step in the wrong direction (thanks camera) is enough to get stunlocked by lava, which in turn is enough to let him get two hits, which is enough for you to die after you clobbered him for whats feels like hours just to get him to that state.
Quite disheartening.
By Anonymous
I found 2 openings in stage 3. First is when he uses fire breath, strafe to the left . If timed right, I got 1-2 hits in with saw cleaver. Second is when he does a sweeping swing with the left arm and it stays there for a few seconds. Again, if timed right you can get 1-2 hits in and escape safely.
If the lava is getting you, try this. Stay to one side of the room and move clockwise. Do NOT stay in the middle of the room as he follow you there and the lava will slow you down.
Hope this helps!
By Anonymous
After finally beating the DLC i can safely say i found both Ludwig and Laurence harder than Orphan of Kos. I think i spent almost the same time fighting the latter as the rest of the DLC combined, Maria took 3 tries. At least those human sized bosses you can actually see and thus read most of the time, while with the L brothers you struggle with camera most of all... Can't count the times the screen suddenly turned to a hairy mess just to be two shot by some swingers i literally didn't see coming. And don't even get me started on the perma-stunlocking lava. Even when i beat him on my nth try i felt like RNG was just kind to me, whereas after each attempt at OoK i had learned new aspects of his moveset, making the encounter hard but satisfying overall.

Tl;dr: Laurence sucks. Imho.
By Anonymous
Ludwig vs Laurence in a 2 round twerk-off. Who wins? Second round is with baby oil but Laurence breaks in half (his butt keeps twerking regardless).
By Anonymous
In terms of how hot they are it’d be Laurence but Ludwig outmatches him in every other way.
By Anonymous
After watching a guide by looks Jr I've come to appreciate this boss a lot more, it's a lot more rhythmic than I took it for. Not hard at all.
By Anonymous
Wouldn't say that he's just an awful boss, I think he's an alright boss with a lot of design flaws. First, his camera. The camera in this fight often is horrendous, making it harder to dodge, due to the small arena. This wasnt an issue with the OG beast, since I feel like it wasn't AS aggressive as Laurence and definitely didn't 2hit kill you or one shot you with counter damage. Rally is also literally useless against this guy, since he just won't stop attacking and you're likely to loose more hp instead of getting some back.second, AOEs are a cheap way to make a fight harder and I personally don't like that. Third, his HP and damage are just bumped up too high. It feels like the soul of cinder where I feel like it should have more hp and damage, just reversed. Him loosing his legs and meeting Laurence in the first place is really cool, but other than that he just feels like a massive middle finger right to the face. Thank God he's optional.
By Anonymous
The perfect way to beat him is to get good at the game <3
By Anonymous
Bruh i got so much health back thru rallies with the whirligig idk what ur talking about
By Anonymous
BY FAR the hardest boss in the entire game. Especially on NG+. My lord, have mercy.
By Anonymous
Bloody Crow of Cainhurst would like to have a word, that is if you consider him a boss.
By Anonymous
Agreed. And not in a good / rewarding way.
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