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By Anonymous
What is it about this dude’s three hit swiping combo that kills me so often?? Every other attack I can deal with but that stupid combo just for some reason, always gets me. I think the camera angle doesn’t help where it angles so you can’t see him rev up an attack often until it’s too late
By Anonymous
I found it easiest to dodge directly into his body or through the attacks. Don't get greedy, and missed opportunities are better than death. It's a long fight.
By Anonymous
I like how the cutscene before fighting him makes it look like he drunk off of something with him holding his head like "I had too much blood last night".
By Anonymous
I love that Miyazaki read all our compliments about the Watchdog of the Old Lords and thought "I'll put another 20,000 hp, one shot boss in the game, they'll love this!!"
By Anonymous
For me, Watchdog of old lords was a cake walk.
By Anonymous
Love this boss!
By Anonymous
got tips for the 2nd phase.
-stay near his right arm ( the smaller one ) and walk in a circle around him.
- For the left swipe dodge in to the attack
- for the Crawling Pound Rush circle clockwise,If he does 3 pounds he will do a left swipe (same with Left Hand Smash) any more than that he will not.
- ONLY ATTACK HIM 1 to 3 times, It will take a long time but be patient. ( the next list will have how many times you can attack him for each attack, tested with the MLGS)
-Crawling Pound Rush(3 pounds):2 to 3
-Crawling Pound Rush: 2 to 5 ( being his most valuable move)
-Left Hand Swipe:1
-Left Hand Smash:1
- Lava Spit: 1 to 3
-Right Hand Swipe: 2 to 3
-Lava ****: 0 to 1
The key think is don't get greedy,no summons,and listen to the music. I hope this can help you.
By Anonymous
I guess I am the only one who found the boss to be good. Wasn’t anything amazing like Ludwig or Gehrman sure, but still a decent boss. Don’t get the hate at all.
By Anonymous
Bonemarrow ashing your gun and spraying him in the final phase is a good way to shorten the most dangerous part of the fight.
By Anonymous
Same as others, wasn't too difficult for me, but this is one fight where even a npc summon does make a difference and it's well worth the penalty for his health.
In its final phase, 1v1 it's really difficult to find an opening to even hit him. Having a npc summon so he can focus on someone else than yourself, makes the final phase a lot easier as it will provide a lot more opening.
By Anonymous
“laurence don’t do the thing”
>laurence then proceeds to do said thing
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I really beat him first try with a str/arc build using the saw cleaver and ACB, wasn't even too much of an issue, when I finally beat him I was almost disappointed, having heard he was the freak. I still had a really hard time getting good at fighting the Orphan
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