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By Anonymous
Darkeater Midir (from DS3) makes all these bosses look like a picnic
By Anonymous
I'll never get why random people come onto other boss pages and write **** like this, we literally could not care less **** off
By Anonymous
Souls fans trying not to brag about struggling more on something else (impossible challenge)
By Anonymous
midir is so much easier than any bloodborne dlc boss except living failures, tf are you on
By Anonymous
Bruh midir gave me less tries than gehrman with u on about
By Anonymous
35 vitality, runes and attite for a total of 450 fire defense and he's doable. It's a hard fight but it's fair. Ludwig was much more frustrating for me
By Anonymous
*350 fire defense
By Anonymous
Complete opposite for me. Ludwig was a walk in the park, especially once you get past the first phase. Laurence just does so much more damage and fills too much of the screen.
By Anonymous
I struggle with laurence just as anyone else, but i just want to say that his dive attack is the most bs attack in the history of games maybe ever
By Anonymous
Only boss I went out of my way to summon for, and I don't even feel that bad about it. Dude hits harder than a train made of hydrogen bombs...
By Anonymous
Summoning Valtr or anyone online helps a lot i almost killed him 4th try alone and npc/fellow hunter helps a lot, got it my first try after that
By Anonymous
The reason many have quit their bl4 runs
By Anonymous
This boss is the only time in any souls game where I had to put down the controller and go watch some **** to calm down before I had an aneurysm.
By Anonymous
Um. What’s the censored word… something starting with p ending with n?
By Anonymous
For me it was the Orphan of Kosm
By Anonymous
Maybe it's because I love Bloodtinge builds, but he honestly wasn't too difficult for me. I used the Chikage and a Beast Blood Pellet for phases one and two, and then I pulled out the Bowblade in phase three, making sure to wait for and opening, and then shooting a charge shot, and once he was one the brink of death, I spammed R1 shots until he died, first try. He's literally just Cleric Beast with explosion hitboxes, so while spacing for attacks, just imagine the hitboxes are Cleric Beast's, but twice as big. Hope any of this helps hunter, may the good blood guide your way!
By Anonymous
This dude made me shake uncontrollably for half an hour straight lmao
By Anonymous
How the **** are you supposed to beat a boss that two shots you and has an exploding arm
By Anonymous
skill issue (not that ive beaten him)
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