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By Anonymous
Wooooa yeaaaaaaah
By Anonymous
He's not even a hard boss. He just does a lot of damage.
By Anonymous
What makes him hard since 2 mistakes in a row lead to death.
By Anonymous
And the biggest pool of HP of any boss in NG+6. More than 40 000. And with 2 coop members, he can have more than 80 000 HP !!! So that means you need to do a no hit-run for this figth and during a long time... Very difficult.
By Anonymous
He's not even a hard boss. He just one hits you and has a gigantic health bar.
By Anonymous
So, i just beat him in my first try in NG(level 134(41/40/31/38/18/16) with the crow set( eileen), ludwig holy sword+10 and saw spear+10.
It was a good fight, not so hard, but the fire on his back is really annoying . Also great ost
By avzx
the people here hate you xD
By avzx
i defeated him i think my level was 70-80 absolutely not on my first try, but it was one of the best bosses in fromsoftware games he was so fun to fight.actually all the dlc bosses are great (except failures)
By Anonymous
best OST in FROMSOFT games
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This boss fight is pure unadulterated cancer.
The run to him is cancer.
Waiting for the door to open slowly every. Single. Time you go to his boss room is cancer.
Trying not to get hit by Cthulhu Jones every time the door opens is cancer.
His aoe is cancer.
His move set is cancer.
The fact that he can one shot you is cancer.
His enormous healthpool in comparison to his damage output is cancer.
His second phase is stage 4 cancer.
His music...ok it’s awesome. But everything else about this fight is cancer.
By Anonymous
just get get good and stopping blaming the Boss for being hari *****.
By Anonymous
+100 likes. Orphan took me 10 tries and I genuinely enjoyed the process, and then this screechy buttf*** gave me rage leukemia.
By Anonymous
I dont think I'm some awesome player but I can run to this boss without getting hit.
I like these doors. Looks like good craftsmanship.
Running past big guy is easy. Otherwise fighting him is also ok since he drops 6 blood vials and I dont think it is hard to kill him without spending so many.
Moveset is pain in the butt to some point.
One shot? Man 50 vitality is standard both for PvE and PvP. Also with right attire (anti blunt + anti fire) along with anti fire rune(s) you can survive single hit even with 25 points of vitality. Unless you go there at level 80 and have little def bonuses from level.

Lastly: Yeah I dislike him too.
By Anonymous
In NG+6, he can one shot you even if you have more 1600 HP. He has the biggest amount of HP of any boss in NG+6 : 40 000, up to 80 000 with 2 coop! Insane. And some says that Sekiro or Dark Souls 3 are harder. They clearly did not play in max NG+!
By Elmo
i agree with you, im running the game for the first time on bl 81 with 21 vitality and its pretty much been a cake walk, ludwig was 3 tries and some bosses have been a first try but thi c´nt is a pain, i cant handle farming in this game so i dont even try to farm levels since i dont like having to go to the hunters dream everytime you clear enemies out of an area. the game is amazing but not perfect
By Anonymous
I am in NG+3, BL100. Guys, did you succeed to defeat at this level BL100 in NG+3 and gbeyond? I l mean, I can't even imagine NG+6... Because that's the first time I'm stuck stuck.
By Anonymous
I'm BL267 in NG+3, regularly fight Cursed Amygdalas, and Laurence is sill a pain to fight. See: cancer comment.
By Gojirizilla
BlackskyEye smokes the heck out of this chilipepper! Hits to the head easily bring him down in the 1st round
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By kroger
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as much as I hate ol larry the opening cutscene really makes you realize how funny and tiny his wee head is
By Anonymous
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting points into Vitality.
By Anonymous
I hate this mf so much. The way leads to the boss area is annoying af. I just want to get rid of him quickly. I summoned Valtr once but he died when the boss entered phrase 2. Is Valtr going to stay alive through the end ? I want to distract the boss when Valtr health drop, so him can heal. But I don't know if i can keep him alive with lava spamming bull*****
By Anonymous
Honestly Valtr is an absolute beast of a of the best in the game next to Henryk. As long as you're doing efficient damage to Laurence, Valtr will almost always survive...just don't let him take too much of the aggro.
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