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He lays there casually taunting the casuals
Maybe I would hate this boss less if the design wasn't a straight copy/paste from Cleric Beast. WTF is up with Fromsoft using old assets for creating new bosses? They did it in DS1 with Stray and Firesage Demon, in DS2 with the Dragonriders and in DS3 with Gundyr.
Hey man. Gundyr was cool!
I mean, at least Gundyr's reuse was fully contextual and was a different fight each time


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Don't play Sekiro if you don't like copy-pasted bosses. At least these ones got colour changes, a new move or two, and a different name.
Sure Sekiro reused boss models but they did it very well. Just look at Owl!
So just make your own game and don't do that, simple
It makes zero sense how this is a straight copy and paste of the cleric beast. Its looks are the same and some of its attacks but that’s it. He has his own phases and own attacks for each phase. If he was a copy and paste nobody would be complaining about how hard he is considering the cleric beast is so easy.
I hate when people call this boss a reskin, this boss is not a reskin it is just another beast that is another cleric beast and laurence has lore
You just admitted that it's another cleric beast
Really sick of the people wasting insight when summoned in then quit out, not once, not twice, not even 3 times, but all 6 times. You don't want to help, fine, stop accepting it and wasting my time.
Worst bossfight of the DLC imo. Even the Living Failures were better. Not much tho. Ludwig, Maria and Orphan are 100 times better.
This boss is all the worst parts of abhorent beast combined with all the bs aoe of undead giant
More like "beast firesage"
Who needs to level up health when everything will kill you no matter what
i hate you <3
Do yourself a favor and fight him in ng. Ng+(any ng+ cycle) Laurence is brutal.