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Add me Carnage_526
I have 80 Vitality and this motha*****a one shots me consistently, or just two shots me in his second phase. Watching footage of people taking him out in NG+7, it's ALL LUCK based. Even in my own NG+3 footage it's insane how many times I got lucky. This boss is bull*****, Ludwig and Orphan are way better done
That was kinda funny... It raised my spirits after lauarence,the noob **** killed me 47 times i should kill myself now. WHERE'S MY BLEACH BUCKET!!!
Lol nice
If someone wanna help with Kos and Laurence, my ID is GregorioBue. NG+, level 155
Yes please! My name's irettiavv_ and I sent you a friend request
dafuq is wrong with this boss? His simple backslap just oneshots me. Tried all ikinds of mix of gear and *****, what level am i supposed to be there? All hios other attacks don't instagib me, but that *****ing backslap, it's not even all that big an animation, how the ***** does something so fast and wide hit so *****ing hard? is this bugged? I haven't been hit so hard by a single attack in this game like literally ever.
seriously wtf, all his attacks keep increasing in damage. My gear hasn't changed and anything, literally every attack starts oneshotting me, what the hell?!
Is the reason Laurence is covered in flames is because that's the way he died?
I used the choir bell to keep Valtr alive for more time. Punching bag last long so you can hit the boss from behind
Well. I'm pretty much out of insight from summoning. That's twenty insight gone.
What doesn't help is that the beckoning bell sometimes doesn't refund my insight when no one gets summoned, so that's cool.
Well. That was the last of it. Some *****head used it up by appearing -- and dying -- three times in a row right off the bat.
Seriously. I can understand dying because of low health. But when you try to tank and basically get hit by every attack, multiplayer isn't for you unless you can live.
Anyone else feel this way about the way Laurence's lore and appearances have played out?

When you encounter the Headless Bloodletting Beast in Pthumeru Ihyll, it's a huge a-ha moment because you put two-and-two together: Laurence's skull is in the Cathedral, and his body is down in the tombs. It's creepy, fitting, and hugely gratifying to come to that conclusion.

Then the DLC drops and just "hands" us Laurence on a throne as the first Cleric Beast.

I dunno. I feel like the Laurence fight was just put in to have more bosses, making the connection between Laurence and the Ihyll BLB a missed opportunity.